Former Complete Utilities Staff Could Claim 90 Days’ Pay with a Protective Award

Anita North
National Head of Employment

It was recently announced on the 1st November that Complete Utilities was going into administration. This has left the employees in a very difficult position and without a job. It is reported that they received an e-mail informing them not to come to work.

At Simpson Millar we would like to help those people affected claim compensation in the form of a Protective Award.

If you were employed by Complete Utilities and you were made redundant when they stopped trading, you could make a Protective Award claim.

You don’t need to have a minimum length of service to make a Protective Award claim either – you just need to meet the criteria below. They are:

    1. At least 20 people were made redundant at the same location
    2. You weren’t given the right consultation by Complete Utilities

As long as you meet these criteria, you could make a Protective Award claim.

Click here to check your eligibility for a Protective Award Claim

Time Limits on Making a Protective Award Claim

You only have 3 months, less one day, to make a Protective Award claim so it’s important that you move quickly. We can help you and your colleagues to make a group claim or you can make the claim yourself but if you miss the deadline, you lose your chance to make a Protective Award claim.

How Much Can I Claim?

Your Protective Award claim amount will be based on your weekly pay, but if your claim is paid by the Insolvency Service, there is a cap on the amount paid.

The Insolvency Service will pay a maximum amount of £544 a week for a total of 8 weeks, so the maximum award is £4,352.

If your Protective Award claim is paid by Complete Utilities, they could pay up to 90 days’ pay, if the Tribunal orders it.

Will Making a Protective Award Claim Affect My Pay?

The administrators should pay you any notice pay, outstanding holiday pay and redundancy pay that you are owed. This is separate to the claim for a Protective Award.

Use our Complete Utilities Protective Award Eligibility Checker to see if you can make a claim now – it’s quick and easy and we’ll make sure your Protective Award claim is submitted before the deadline.

What’s the Protective Award Claim Process?

  1. Get permission from the administrators to make a Protective Award claim
  2. Complete the ACAS Early conciliation process
  3. Submit your claim to the Employment Tribunal
  4. Get a judgment in your favour from the Tribunal
  5. Make your Protective Award claim to the Insolvency Service

We can complete a group claim for you and your colleagues, so please do get in touch with one of our Employment Law experts today.

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