Simpson Millar Launches #KeepMeSafe Campaign

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Solicitors at Simpson Millar see the effects of accidents and injuries on people’s lives every day. Because of this, we feel it’s important to try to raise awareness of how much accidents impact people and the effects of them with our #KeepMeSafe campaign.

#KeepMeSafe resonates across all of our lives. #KeepMeSafe at work. #KeepMeSafe on the roads. #KeepMeSafe in hospital.

Simpson Millar think it’s important to raise awareness about the legal responsibilities of employers, organisations and individuals to help keep each other safe.

#KeepMeSafe at Work

Today, it’s a year since Christian Tuvi was killed whilst carrying out maintenance on a moving walkway at Waterloo Station.

A year on, Christian’s partner and three children are still in limbo, waiting for investigations to take place. Until these investigations are finished, they remain desperate for the answers about what happened to Christian and what could have been done to keep him safe at work.

Charlotte Rankin, a Serious Injury Associate Solicitor at Simpson Millar, who is acting for Christian’s family said “One year on, it’s understandable that the family remain absolutely devastated by Christian’s death. He was a hardworking, loving father and the last thing they expected when he went to work was that they would have a knock on the door to say he’d been involved in such a horrific accident.”

Charlotte is helping to support the family through the investigations that must take place before an Inquest can happen.

#KeepMeSafe in Hospital

We also help people who have suffered from medical negligence. When you go to hospital or see a GP, you expect that they will keep you safe, but unfortunately this isn’t always the case.

4 year old Kessie, was rushed to hospital by her mum Marie on April 9th 2017 due to a high temperature, very fast heartbeat and after suffering from 2 seizures. She was examined by a Paediatrician, given ibuprofen and Calpol to bring her temperature down and then discharged in the early hours of April 10th.

Kessie didn’t improve and on 11th April, her mum took her back to hospital. Sadly, she died later that day after suffering a cardiac arrest and severe brain damage because of Sepsis.

Rebecca Brunton, one of our Medical Negligence Solicitors helped the Thomas Family through the Inquest, which found that staff at the hospital hadn’t followed NICE guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of Sepsis. Since Kessie died, Darent Valley Hospital made a public statement saying that ‘they did not get it right’ with Kessie’s treatment and that they had taken action to improve awareness, identification and treatment of Sepsis as a result.

#KeepMeSafe on the Roads

Partner and Serious Injury Solicitor, Matthew Clayton, helped his client to get the lifelong care and support he needs to live his life after being hit by a taxi whilst he was crossing on a green pedestrian crossing. The taxi driver left the scene of the accident and later went to prison for dangerous driving.

This client suffered brain damage, had to have his leg amputated below the knee and will have to endure lifelong disabilities.

About Our #KeepMeSafe Campaign

We want to raise awareness with the #KeepMeSafe campaign to help people understand their own responsibilities and also those of their employer and other people and organisations they come into contact with throughout their lives to help reduce the number of accidents and injuries.

We are here to help people who have been injured through no fault of their own, but our goal is to try to reduce the number of people who are killed or injured through accidents each year.

We unfortunately see the true impact of accidents and injuries every day.

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