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Paul Stevens
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Listed below are a few examples of the amounts of compensation paid out to our clients in different types of holiday accident claims. These cases involved accidents which caused injuries to UK residents who were on holiday abroad when the accident occurred. All cases shown here were dealt with in the UK by our specialist team of Holiday Accident Solicitors and Litigation Lawyers.

Cases below are listed by country including Turkey, Spain, Greece, Mexico, Tunisia.

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Holiday Accident Claims - Turkey

£11,200 Compensation after Fall Accident in Hotel

We helped a guest on holiday at the Hotel Hisar Holiday Club get compensation after she slipped and fell on a wet marble floor and fractured her arm in 5 places. The tour operator denied lability (fault), but in Court, our Lawyers successfully argued that the accident wouldn’t have happened had suitable safety standards been met. For example, there were no signs warning guests that the floor had just been cleaned. Our client was awarded £11,200 in compensation for her injuries.

£8,000 Compensation after Slip Near Hotel Pool

A woman who was injured after slipping on wet steps near the swimming pool at the Riviera Guler Hotel in Bodrum approached us for help claiming compensation. We took on her case, arguing to tour operator TUI that the matting that covered the steps hadn’t been securely attached, and was therefore hazardous. We secured an £8,000 compensation settlement for our client.

£7,000 Compensation for Man Injured by Broken Glass

We successfully represented a man whose holiday at the Aegean Dreams Resort in Bodrum was ruined when the glass in his bathroom shower door shattered and fell on him. He sustained deep cuts and a laceration that has left a permanent scar. Our Solicitors approached TUI and after lengthy negotiations, agreed a compensation settlement for our client of £7,000.

£3,600 Compensation for Child Injured by Swimming Pool

An 11-year-old boy sustained a deep laceration on his foot at the swimming pool of the Club Cettia in Marmaris, due to a protruding part of the draining system running along the outer rim. We contacted the tour operator on the family’s behalf, arguing that the injuries the child sustained could have been avoided if all due care had been exercised. Our claim was successful with £3,600 being awarded in damages.

£3,300 Compensation for Slip and Fall Accident

We helped a 9-year-old boy to be awarded compensation after he slipped on a wet path and fell onto a hard surface during a family holiday at the Maritim Pine Beach Hotel in Belek. He sustained a spinal cord injury, concussion, bruising and soft tissue injuries. £3,300 compensation was paid out by the tour operator, as it had failed to inform hotel guests of the slipping hazard.

Holiday Accident Claims - Spain

£15,000 Compensation after Car Accident

Our client was driving a hire car when a coach crashed into the back of their car. They had been wearing a seatbelt at the time of the accident, but were left with long-term pain in the neck, shoulders and lower back. We arranged medical reports, confirming that our client’s trapezius muscles, had been damaged and we fought hard to get compensation for their injuries. The result was £15,000 compensation being awarded.

£12,750 Compensation for Trip on Defective Patio Slab

A guest at the Hotel Insotel Punta in Menorca tripped and fell on a defective patio slab at his hotel and sustained a severe ankle injury. Tour operator TUI denied liability (fault), even after a medical report was issued, but after some tough negotiating by our Solicitors, TUI’s insurer eventually admitted they were responsible. As a result, our client was awarded £12,750 in compensation.

£4,500 Compensation for Slip on Wet Surface

A guest at the Guayarmina Princess Hotel in Tenerife slipped and fell after a faulty air conditioning unit in her room left excess water on the floor. Her arm had to be placed in a sling, which ruined her holiday and left her unable to provide the full level of care to her daughter - a wheelchair user. We approached TUI, arguing the hotel hadn’t been properly maintained her room, and secured £4,500 compensation for our client.

£2,710 Compensation for Golf Buggy Accident

Our client was travelling in a golf buggy at the Precise Resort El Rompido on Costa de la Luz when he fell out and injured his leg, hip and elbow. Our Solicitors approached the tour operator, stating there should have been a safety rail on the golf buggy to prevent people falling out of the vehicle. With our help, he secured £2,710 in compensation for his injuries from the tour operator.

Holiday Accident Claims - Greece

£16,000 Compensation for Injury in Hotel Gym

We helped a guest at the Apollonion Resort & Spa in Kefalonia secure £16,000 compensation from TUI after poorly maintained gym equipment left him with a severe shoulder injury and nerve damage. Following negotiations with our Holiday Compensation Solicitors, the tour operator agreed to settle his claim out of Court and damages were awarded.

£9,000 Compensation after Fall on Stairs in Hotel

Our client was walking down a flight of stairs that didn’t have a suitably positioned handrail when she fell and sustained fractures to 3 vertebrae in her spine. We obtained a report from a Greek architect who confirmed that the staircase didn’t meet suitable safety standards, and following lengthy negotiations, we secured an out of Court settlement of £9,000 for our client.

£8,000 Compensation for Slip on Hotel Stairs

We helped a man who slipped on wet steps while staying at the San Stefanos hotel in Corfu to get more than £8,000 in compensation. There had been no slipping hazard warning sign that the marble surface was wet, which led to him slipping, falling and injuring his shoulder. We successfully claimed on these grounds against tour operator TUI.

£2,500 Compensation after Fall Down Poorly Lit Hotel Stairs

Our Lawyers helped a guest at the Aldemar Knossos Royal get £2,500 in compensation from her tour operator after she fell on wooden steps. One step was missing, but she couldn’t see it because the area was poorly lit, and she injured her foot. She had to have several injections to cope with the pain, and her toenail had to be fully removed. It took 2 months to grow back.

£3,985 Compensation for Poolside Injury

A holidaymaker was injured at the La Marquise Hotel in Rhodes when a grille on the concrete surrounding the swimming pool gave way. His right leg was badly hurt, with a big hole in his shin bleeding heavily, and preventing him from working until it fully healed several months later. We helped him claim against tour operator TUI, as it should have ensured the area was safe for hotel guests to walk around, and he was eventually awarded £3,985 in compensation.

Holiday Accident Claims - Mexico

£5,000 Compensation after Fall Accident in Hotel Foyer

Our client was staying at the Grand Bahia Principe Tulum when she fell over in the hotel foyer and sustained multiple injuries. The tour operator didn’t admit liability (fault), so the case had to go to Court, where we successfully proved that the hotel hadn’t implemented adequate safety procedures and therefore put our client at risk. We secured a compensation payout of £5,000 for our client.

£4,750 Compensation after Fall Down Collapsing Sewer Cover

We successfully represented a woman who suffered an accident on holiday at the Sensatori Azul Hotel, Riviera Maya in Mexico, when a sewer cover collapsed beneath her feet and caused her to fall down a 6ft hole. The tour operator didn’t admit responsibility at first, but did offer £3,000 in compensation. This offer was refused, and we negotiated a £4,750 compensation settlement after arranging medical reports for our client to support her claim.

Holiday Accident Claims - Tunisia

£2,200 Compensation after Trip in Tunisian Hotel

A guest at the Riu Bellevue Park Hotel in Tunisia tripped over a metal bar placed inside a lift 11 days into her holiday. Our Solicitors arranged for a medical assessment of her injuries, the medical report provided evidence of condition to the tour operator, so we could make a successful accident claim by arguing the hotel failed to keep her safe. They originally offered a compensation settlement of £1,250, but following further negotiations, we secured £2,200 for our client.

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