Do I Need a Conveyancer or Solicitor to Buy a House?

If you’re buying or selling a house or a flat you will need to instruct a Conveyancer or a Conveyancing Solicitor. It’s near impossible to handle a property transaction without professional help as there are so many legal steps involved. And if you’re not a cash buyer, mortgage lenders will insist that you use a professional in order to protect their interests.

Finding a Conveyancer or Conveyancing Solicitor is the next step to buying a home after finding the right property. An experienced Conveyancer won’t cut corners and so could save you money in the long run.

Our Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors will:

  • Advise you through every step of the conveyancing process
  • Carry out property searches
  • Deal with the transfer of ownership at the Land Registry
  • Handle all the legal enquiries
  • Make sure contracts are exchanged
  • Transfer the funds you pay or are paid for your property
  • Give you legal advice around property – for example if you need further legal assistance with protecting your share of the deposit

Buying a home is likely one of the most stressful life events you’ll have to do. It may be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime and the property you choose is likely to be where you’ll spend most of your time. So it’s crucial to get the conveyancing process right.

Our Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors are experts in making sure property transactions go as quickly and smoothly as possible. We’ll work flexibly around you and our service will always be personal and tailored to your needs.

For more reasons why it’s well worth using our nationwide team of professionals see Why Instruct our Conveyancing Solicitors?

Is a Solicitor the Same as a Conveyancer?

Licensed Conveyancers are experts in all things property, but Conveyancing Solicitors can give you wider legal advice if there are complex legal issues involved with your property.

Both Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors are fully licensed and insured to handle the legal processes involved in buying and selling property. And both will follow similar practices and procedures.

Deciding if you’ll need a Solicitor or a Conveyancer really depends on how complicated the legal process of buying or selling your property will be. For example, the law in England and Wales can become more complicated if the:

  • Property is a leasehold
  • Property is not registered with the Land Registry
  • Sellers are separating or getting a divorce
  • Property is not a house or flat, for example if you’re buying a commercial property

Our team of Conveyancing experts can advise you on whether your case is particularly complex and if so an experienced Conveyancing Solicitor will help you with your property transaction.

If you require additional legal help outside of the conveyancing process, for example with a Declaration of Trust or a Property Trust Will, our colleagues in other departments can help you.

Are Conveyancers Cheaper than Conveyancing Solicitors?

Our Conveyancing fees are based on the work required, not who handles your case. That being said, if a Conveyancing Solicitor is handling the buying or selling process for you as a result of your property needing complex legal work then the extra work will cost more. We will always provide a written quote and be open and honest about how much the conveyancing fees will cost.

We offer a free, Fixed Fee Online Conveyancing Quote so you can see exactly how much it will cost to buy or sell your property with Simpson Millar. No matter who handles your case, if there is no additional legal work needed, the conveyancing quote you receive is the conveyancing fee you’ll pay.

If additional work needs doing as a result of unforeseen circumstances, we will always advise you beforehand about any additional costs. Unlike other Conveyancers we are always transparent and up-front about any fees you’ll be required to pay.

We provide a No Sale, No Fee conveyancing service. This means that if you don’t exchange and complete on your property sale or property purchase then you won’t be charged for any of the legal work that we have carried out for you. You will only need to pay for any disbursements that have already been paid out on your behalf, for example if we have already had property searches carried out.

Whether you need a Conveyancer or a Conveyancing Solicitor, our service will always be personal and friendly so you won’t be passed from person to person. You’ll be assigned one Conveyancer and their team will keep you up to date on the progress of you property transaction.

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