Could More Have been Done to Prevent Flood Damage?


It's not new information that the floods this winter have been some of the most devastating ever, with many places in the UK being left sad and sodden for extended periods. With even more extreme weather expected, the far reaching effects will continue for homeowners long after the flood waters have receded.

Storm Clouds and Surveys

Our Conveyancing Solicitors wanted to find out how the storms and floods had impacted the British public, getting a grip on the hard facts and figures. We began with some initial research into the effect of each storm individually, and then as a whole.

We then went on to survey 500 people to find out the human impact, by asking 3 questions:

Do you think it was possible to avoid flooding this year?

A massive 62% of respondents indicated that they did not think the damage seen could have been avoided.

Do you think the government did enough to prevent the flood damage?

For 74% of respondents there was a strong belief that the government could have done more.

Could more be done with infrastructure to protect against future floods?

An even larger proportion, a huge 83% of the people asked, believed that more could be done with infrastructure, to lessen the damage of floods in the future.

The Lasting Effects for Homeowners

It comes as no surprise that people feel more could have been done to prevent the devastation caused by these storms. Thousands of people have been affected and some people have lost so much.

Usually the New Year is a time of celebration and looking forward to new beginnings; this leads to a boom in the property market. When you are buying a house, searches are undertaken which include an environmental search report which will report on historical flooding in the area. It's important that all buyers ensure that they instruct their Conveyancing Solicitors to carry out these searches; the cost is relatively low in comparison with the potential risk.

Before home buyers exchange contracts, they should also ensure they can insure the property for all relevant risks, including flooding and that there are no unreasonable excesses applied.

Recently, we had a buyer of a Yorkshire leasehold flat who pulled out because the river nearly encroached on the ground floor of the property. Even though he was going to buy a second floor flat, he would have had to contribute to any excess/cost of repairs to the ground floor, as all leaseholders in the block would have to contribute through their service charge.

How We Can Help You

Our expert team of Conveyancers and Conveyancing Solicitors have extensive knowledge and experience of the housing market, and know exactly how to help you protect yourself when you're buying or selling a property.

If you're worried about buying your next home and want to have the most accurate, straightforward advice on Conveyancing, our team can put your mind at ease.

This information was originally published on our website on 14/01/2016.

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