Conveyancers Helped Couple Move Home in 8 Weeks

Hayley Carter-Steele
Licensed Conveyancer, Residential Conveyancing Manager and Senior Associate

A Conveyancing Case Study - Client Situation

Mr and Mrs B were living in a leasehold property that they were looking to sell. They had found a new leasehold property for sale in the same area that they wanted to move in to. Both properties were of significant value, with the new property on the market for £635,000.

Mr and Mrs B were hoping to move into their new home as soon as possible. In November 2020, they got in touch with our Conveyancing Solicitors to see if we could help them with their property transactions.

How We Helped

As we knew Mr and Mrs B were keen to move as soon as they could, we sent initial documents to them right away.

Once the couple had completed their initial instruction documents, we quickly got a hold of the information we needed for the sale contract pack. We requested the draft contract papers from the sellers’ Conveyancing Solicitors.

Within one week of Mr and Mrs B contacting us, we had drafted the contract papers for their property sale. This meant that we could forward the leasehold management information to the buyer’s Solicitors right away.

At the same time, we instructed property searches to be carried out on the new property and checked the contract documents for Mr and Mrs B’s purchase. We got the search results and mortgage offer within four weeks of Mr and Mrs B instructing us.

I had passed on the couple’s enquires about the new property to the seller’s Solicitor, and these were answered within the first few weeks too. Any enquiries that the buyer had for us were resolved quickly and sensibly, as balancing efficiency with high quality work is always our top priority.

While working quickly we also made sure to be extra thorough. For example, we had a coal-mining search carried out and where mining rights were excluded and specific rights to the Coal Board were reserved, we investigated the situation further. We helped Mr and Mrs B get indemnity insurance to protect them for any future claims, which would protect them for the future.

We also got all the leasehold information on the new property so we could fully advise Mr and Mrs B about their rights and obligations under the lease. As they had lived in a leasehold property before, they understood what this meant for them.

Finally, we pulled the chain together to coordinate the buying and selling parties in agreeing a completion date that worked for everyone.

The Outcome

We completed Mr and Mrs B’s sale and purchase within 8 weeks after they instructed us. All parties in the chain were thrilled with the efficiency of their move, and Mr and Mrs B are now enjoying life in their new home.

While we completed on Mr and Mrs B’s property purchase quickly, had they come to us now in March 2021, we would likely have faced a lot more delays along the way. At the moment, we are seeing hold ups with property searches and mortgage lenders’ response times.

Mr and Mrs B’s property sale is a great example of how quickly and efficiently our Conveyancers can be when all third parties involved are on time too, but it’s important to remember that this might not always be the case. But don’t worry, we will always let you know if you should expect delays with your property based on your circumstances, and we will update you ever step of the way.

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