450 Victims of Holiday Sickness in Mexico Suing for Compensation

Nick Harris
Head of Travel Law & Holiday Claims

Travel Claims Lawyers at Simpson Millar Solicitors are representing 450 victims who suffered in the current and past outbreaks of holiday sickness in the Riviera Maya and Cancun resorts in Mexico.

So far in 2019 alone, 14 guests at 15 hotels in the area have fallen ill with Cyclospora, which is spread by human faecal matter contaminating food or water. This is the fifth consecutive year in which there has been an outbreak of Cyclospora in Riviera Maya and Cancun, and nearly 600 British holidaymakers have been diagnosed with the potentially deadly bug since 2015.

Our Travel Claims Lawyers have successfully dealt with thousands of holiday sickness claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. If you or a member of your family suffered from illness on holiday, get medical attention as soon as possible then contact our Travel Claims Lawyers for free legal advice.

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TUI Playing with the Health of their Customers

Nick Harris, Head of Travel Claims at Simpson Millar, said, "We have been inundated with people who have fallen ill in the resorts.

"This latest cluster of illness just shows how TUI are playing with the health of their customers. So far we have been contacted by people who have fallen ill in five different hotels. But I understand there are others affected and as this is peak season, like other years, it has the potential to spread like wildfire.

"People have saved all year only to be let down by their tour operator at the first hurdle. TUI knew this bug is rife at hotels in Mexico but haven't told customers, preferring to keep quiet. But we have spoken with tourists who said the first they knew of the illness was when letters were given to them in the resort. By then it is too late.

"Tour operators need to do more instead of putting profit before safety of their customers who have put their trust in them."

Which Hotels are Affected?

Simpson Millar have been given instructions from numerous guests staying at a number of luxury all-inclusive hotels run by tour operator TUI in Riviera Maya and Cancun. These include:

      • The TUI Grand Bahia Principe Hotel
      • Azul Beach Resort Hotel
      • Grand Riviera Princess
      • Blue Bay Grand Esmeralda
      • Grand Sirenis

Our Travel Claims Lawyers are also representing a victim who remains sick from Cyclospora a year after staying at the TUI Senismar El Dorado Seaside Suites & Spa in July 2018.

Symptoms of Cyclospora can include:

        • Profuse diarrhoea
        • Nausea
        • Stomach cramps
        • Abdominal Pain
        • Bloating
        • Increased Gas
        • Lethargy
        • Weight Loss
        • Loss of Appetite
        • Vomiting
        • Aching in hands, feet or legs
        • Headaches

If you or a member of your family think they could have symptoms of Cyclospora you should get medical attention as soon as possible. Do not wait until you get back to the UK.

Also see What to Do if You Contract Cyclospora on Holiday in Mexico.

Compensation Payouts in Previous Holiday Sickness Claims

Here are details of just four of the many cases we have dealt with:

£27,500 Compensation for Shigella Illness in Cancun

Our client was staying at the 5-star Hotel Excellence Riviera in Cancun when she was struck down with Shigella. She began showing symptoms of the serious intestinal infection towards the end of her holiday and after returning home, she contacted Simpson Millar to help her claim compensation. Her tour operator denied liability, but our Travel Claims Lawyers achieved an out of Court settlement, with the client receiving £27,500 compensation.

£12,000 Compensation for Food Poisoning in Cancun

We represented a holidaymaker who’d booked a full-board holiday at the Golden Parnassus Hotel in Cancun for 2 weeks. Shortly before the end of her stay, she began experiencing acute gastrointestinal symptoms, including sickness and diarrhoea, which got worse during her flight home.

After returning to the UK, she was diagnosed with an infective gastric illness, and she sought our help to claim compensation from tour operator Thomas Cook. We argued that her illness was most likely to have been caused by poor water and/or food at the hotel, and while Thomas Cook denied liability at first, they eventually agreed to a compensation payout of £12,000 to our client.

£7,500 Compensation for Salmonella on Package Holiday in Mexico

We represented a man who developed Salmonella food poisoning during his stay at the Grand Palladium Colonial Resort in Mexico. At first, tour operator TUI didn’t admit liability for the sickness and diarrhoea he’d experienced, but did eventually agree to pay £2,000 in compensation.

However, our Travel Claims Lawyers arranged for a medical consultant to examine him, where it was found he could develop a post-infective irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in the future, which might potentially affect his work prospects. TUI therefore agreed to pay out an increased compensation settlement of £7,500 which was accepted by our client.

£7,000 Compensation after Hotel Bug Ruins Honeymoon

Our client was on honeymoon with her new husband at the all-inclusive Azul Beach Hotel, close to the Riviera Maya resort, when she contracted a severe bout of gastric illness. Our Lawyers acted on her behalf, arguing to tour operator Thomas Cook that it was most likely caused by consuming contaminated food or drink, and poor hygiene practices by hotel staff. Thomas Cook didn’t admit fault at first, but after we submitted extensive medical evidence and threatened Court action, they agreed to pay our client £7,000 in compensation.

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