100K Challenge for Day One Trauma Support Charity

Melanie Burden Personal Injury Solicitor
Melanie Burden
Partner, Head of Employer's Liability - Serious Injury

Throughout June, Simpson Millar has been hitting the road and clocking up our kilometres by taking part in the Day One Trauma Support 100K Challenge.

The challenge is to cover 100km in any way that you want - running, biking, rowing… you name it. Everyone taking part, including myself, has decided to complete the challenge to raise money for the charity Day One, which provides support for trauma patients and their families.

About Day One Trauma Support

Day One offers access to vital assistance for those who have been involved in life-changing accidents. They also continue to provide support after they are no longer in hospital. It was created with the help of other trauma patients, many of which are still actively fundraising for the charity.

Day One’s journey began in Leeds. Professor Giannoudis felt there were several gaps in supporting and caring for Major Trauma patients. After his realisation, he visited a number of these patients who all agreed there was a lack of care and support for both themselves and their families.

Thanks to Professor Giannoudis and the patients who discussed their experiences with him, Day One now exists to offer a wide range of practical and emotional support to Major Trauma patients. Day One provides their personalised support alongside NHS clinical care, which means everyone is supported from every possible angle.

As a member of Simpson Millar’s Serious Injury team, I have first-hand experience dealing with survivors of catastrophic accidents, as well as their loved ones. As Personal Injury Lawyers, we have not only seen the devastating physical impact that certain injuries can have on victims and their families, but the emotional impact too.

Day One Trauma Support relies on charitable donations, which is why we jumped at the chance to get fundraising. With the proper funding, Day One can continue to provide peer support, emergency funding, counselling, legal advice, benefits, and welfare advice to victims of serious and life changing injuries.

How’s the Team Getting on?

At the minute, it’s safe to say we are smashing our targets. I have already hit my 100K! As well as participating in an amazing fundraiser, everyone’s having a lot of fun getting out and about. People have been hiking, walking, running, and cycling, to clock up those KM. It’s been really rewarding to raise money for Day One, as well as getting out and about and upping our fitness levels!

Some of the gym lovers among us are getting very competitive and have even added in extra challenges, such as who can burn the most calories in one session. Our challenge has even been extended to pets – and when it comes to raising money for a fantastic charity like Day One, I say the more the merrier.

100K Challenge Selfie!

From the eagerness with which the team volunteered, to the selfless determination of each person involved, I couldn’t be prouder of how we have risen to this challenge.

It’s a true testament to the community we have here at Simpson Millar, as well as our shared values of showing support to those in need - be it through the work that we do or by raising awareness and funds for important causes like Day One Trauma Support.

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