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Solicitors Fees for Selling a House

Our Conveyancing Solicitors fees are fixed, meaning that the fee we quote you upfront is the fee you will pay (unless there are unforeseen circumstances, in which case we’ll inform you of any additional cost at the earliest opportunity).

Our conveyancing quotes include a breakdown of the cost of your conveyancing, including our fees and all disbursements including Stamp Duty and HM Land Registry fees.

It’s best to get several conveyancing quotes then compare only the like-for-like quotes, to make sure you know exactly which services are included for the price.

We’ll tailor our conveyancing service to the specific needs of selling your house, and focus on ensuring the best outcome for you, as quickly as possible.

More Information on Selling a Home

The conveyancing process has several legal terms you may not be familiar with, so we explain these in our A to Z of conveyancing terms.

There’s a set procedure to follow when selling a house, to ensure the process runs smoothly.

Process of Selling a House or a Flat

Choose a Conveyancing Solicitor

A Conveyancing Solicitor will undertake the legal work that selling a house requires. For instance, they’ll draft the contract of sale, detailing exactly what the buyer will get as part of the transaction, which they’ll arrange to exchange with the buyer's conveyancer when the time comes.

It pays to engage a Conveyancing Solicitor as soon as possible so they can carry out the checks that are necessary to open a file, as well as prepare the supporting information for the contract pack.

This helps to keep the process of selling your house moving, ensuring there’s no delay between you accepting an offer and the start of legal work.

Set a Selling Price

Research the local market to see how similar properties are priced, before getting a valuation from different estate agents.

You’re not tied to the price the estate agent comes up with, even if you choose to use their services, and are free to take what you’ve learnt from all resources to settle on a figure you’ve chosen.

Bear in mind that the price you ask for won’t necessarily be the price it sells for.

Buyers will often try and negotiate a lower price for the property, usually around the 5% to 10% mark, which means it could pay to add this percentage onto your initial asking price.

Engage an Estate Agent

Not everybody uses an estate agent, choosing to market the property themselves, but there are certain advantages to using an estate agent.

For instance, they have the means to market your house to a wider customer base. And they’re professional negotiators, which will come in handy when a potential buyer decides to haggle.

Accept an Offer 

The estate agent is obliged by law to pass on every offer made for your house and it’s up to you which ones you choose to reject and accept.

Once you receive an offer that you’re happy to take further, contact your Conveyancing Solicitor to take care of the necessary legal paperwork. Accepting an offer isn’t binding and you’re free to change your mind up until contracts are exchanged.

Organise Your Paperwork 

Once an offer has been accepted, your Solicitor will need to obtain, from either yourself or the mortgage lender that’s holding them, the Title Deeds to the property.

If, for any reason, the Title Deeds are not available, the Conveyancer will acquire a copy from the Land Registry. They’ll also seek a statement which details any outstanding amount left on the mortgage, where applicable.

Prepare Draft Contract and Answer Enquiries

A draft contract will be prepared by your Conveyancing Solicitor and, together with supporting documentation, sent across to the buyer's Solicitor, who’ll check it and reply with any pre-contract enquiries they or the buyer might have.

Your Solicitor will ask and answer these enquiries on your behalf, contacting you if any of the buyer's queries require your consultation.

Renegotiation of Contract or Selling Price 

The buyer may choose to have a survey carried out on your property, which means you’ll have to allow a surveyor to access the house. Depending upon their findings, the buyer may request a discount, particularly if the survey reveals issues that will require costly repairs.

Your Solicitor will advise on and negotiate, on your behalf, the amount - if any - you choose to lower the agreed sale price by.

Exchange Contracts 

Your Solicitor will prepare and read the contract by phone to the buyer's Solicitor, checking it’s identical to the purchase contract. The contracts will then be exchanged by post.

You’ll face a financial penalty if you break the contract between exchange and completion. Once the contracts have been exchanged, you’ll receive the buyer's deposit. It’s then time to prepare for your move.

Completion Day 

On the day of completion, once your Solicitor receives all the money from the sale, you’ll legally transfer the ownership of the property to the buyer.

Your Solicitor will also redeem the existing mortgage on the account, pay the estate agents and send the net sale proceeds to you.

Following completion, the buyer's Solicitor will register the new ownership with the Land Registry.

Fixed Conveyancing Fees

We offer fixed fee conveyancing, meaning that the price we quote you upfront is the price you’ll pay (unless there are unforeseen circumstances, in which case we’ll tell you at the earliest opportunity).

Our conveyancing quotes include a breakdown of the cost of your conveyancing, including our fees and all disbursements including Stamp Duty and HM Land Registry fees.


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