How Safe are Motorcyclists on UK Roads?

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In recent years, campaigns distributed by organisations like THINK! have helped to create a level of empathy between car drivers and motorcyclists. We’ve subsequently seen a reduction in road traffic accidents involving motorbikes.

Whilst we welcome the progress that has been made, we also recognise that motorcyclists continue to face significant dangers on UK roads, such as:

  • oil spills – these are especially dangerous on bends;
  • not being seen by car drivers;
  • uneven road surfaces.

Motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable as they are not protected in the same way that car drivers are. Statistically, motorcyclists are 62 times more likely to be killed in a road collision than someone driving a car.

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Who is the Most at Risk?

From 2015-2020, nearly 92 percent of bikers who were killed or seriously injured in a road traffic accident were men.

Whilst young male riders under 25 are more prone to suffer an accident resulting in injury, men aged between 25 and 59 are more likely to be involved in a fatal accident or one that results in life-changing injuries.

Despite these statistics, it’s important to remember that all motorcyclists are vulnerable to an extent. Whilst it’s essential to have a confident mindset whenever you go out on your bike, we would also encourage all motorcyclists to remain aware of the risks involved and take steps to stay safe.

Where are Accidents Most Likely to Happen?

In the UK, the majority of accidents involving motorbikes happen on urban roads. London alone accounts for around 47 percent of the country’s motorbike crashes. However, the city continues to have the lowest number of motorbike-related fatalities.

In urban areas, accidents resulting in serious injury most commonly take place at junctions. This is usually because the driver of a car has failed to see the motorcyclist slowing down or stopping at the junction before turning.

Whilst most accidents happen in urban areas, 66 percent of fatal motorcyclist accidents take place on rural roads. This is largely because rural roads are often less maintained, with bumps and debris as well as sharp blind bends. 

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