Military Parachute Accident Claims

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While parachute jumps always carry an element of risk, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) has a legal duty to minimise the potential risk of accidents and injuries to British armed forces personnel.

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Military Parachute Accidents

When you join the army, navy, RAF or special forces, you expect a degree of danger. You may face life-threatening situations during the line of duty, and you must be sufficiently trained to deal with these.

However, as your employer, the MoD has a legal duty to minimise the potential risks. This includes during parachute training. This can be achieved by providing the correct training, providing the correct safety equipment and training in safe conditions.

If the necessary precautions are not taken both during and after training, it could result in a serious parachute accident. Commonly, military parachute accidents occur due to mid-air collisions, faulty equipment, inadequate training or when leaving the aircraft in adverse weather conditions.

Parachute Accident Injuries

Military parachute accidents often result in serious injuries. Less severe incidents may involve the individual involved sustaining broken bones and strained ligaments. At worst, there will be life-changing or fatal injuries. Fatal accidents are common where the parachute and reserve parachute fails to open.

Where there is a fatal parachute accident, those left behind must suddenly cope with a bereavement. No one expects their loved one to die on a training exercise. As a family member, you can only wonder what went wrong, and why. You may also face financial difficulties due to the loss of income.

Even when parachute injuries are not fatal, any hard landing can cause the victim to face a long road to recovery. This can cut short your military career, and may impact your ability to obtain future employment. Where there are catastrophic brain or spinal injuries, there may be a need for round-the-clock care.

Parachute Accident Claims

If you have been injured during a military parachute jump, or your loved one has, there could be grounds for a personal injury claim.

Remember, the MoD has a legal duty to protect the health and safety of service men and women. If an accident occurs during a parachute training or a military exercise, it could amount to negligence.

For example, it could be that faulty equipment was provided, meaning neither the parachute nor the reserve parachute opened. Or, there could be a collision in mid-air due to flawed instructions. Alternatively, problems can arise due to insufficient training and those involved do not know how to remedy the situation.


A successful parachute accident claim provides compensation for the pain and suffering experienced. It also ensures any financial losses are recovered. This can be significant, especially if your future earnings have been affected. A personal injury claim can be made in addition to a claim made under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Our Personal Injury Solicitors have particular expertise in parachute accident and injury claims. We understand when the MoD is accountable for a parachute accident, so we can advise what options are open to you. If we believe you have grounds for a personal injury claim, we can manage everything for you.

You may feel uncomfortable making a claim against the MoD, whether due to loyalty to your regiment or pressure from your colleagues. However, please remember that it is your legal entitlement to claim compensation. You should be protected from suffering injuries at work – even if you work for the British army or any of the armed forces.

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