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Our aim is to offer a transparent legal services experience that is accessible to all

The aim here at Simpson Millar is to provide transparent legal advice that is accessible to anyone that may need it.

Our wide-ranging services are designed so that you know where you stand at every point in the legal process; from writing a will, to moving house, or even road traffic accident claims (to name just a few) - we have got your legal needs covered.

The defining feature of Simpson Millar is that to match our crystal-clear legal advice, we have a completely understandable pricing structure; no hidden charges, and no nasty surprises.

Clear legal advice with a clear price to match

At Simpson Millar LLP we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to have access to legal services, which is why we offer a structured pricing model, which clearly outlines what you need to pay, by when and what you get for your money.

These pricing models let you know exactly what you will pay before any work has taken place. There are no hidden charges and you get a solution for your legal problems.

Find out more about our pricing options here.

Our experience tells us that every case is different, which means we also offer a tailor made bespoke service to give you the peace of mind that you will always know where you stand.

We work for you, and because of this, we know that you want results from everything we do for you. Whether it's advice, writing a letter or representation in court.

Ultimately, we are here to help you every step of the way – we work for you, and want to provide you with the results that you want.

Areas of Expertise


We've all heard the horror stories, you're on the verge of completing, but then paperwork gets delayed and the sale falls through. With help from our excellent team of conveyancers, you can be confident that your purchase and/or sale is in safe hands.

Our well organised, highly qualified team will keep you in the loop and make sure your house purchase or sale runs as smoothly as possible.

Court of Protection

If an individual is found to lack the capacity to make their own decisions, it may be necessary for their family members to step in and take control, to ensure that their best interests are considered.

If you find yourself in this situation but are unsure of the best course of action, Simpson Millar can provide you with the assistance and representation that you will need. Our Court of Protection team regularly draw on their experience working on landmark cases; it is for this reason we are widely recognised as being a leader in this field.

Debt Recovery

If problems with your business cash flow mean that you are under pressure, effective debt recovery is crucial to your business.

Each case is handled in relation to the individual circumstances; SM Commercial is experienced in every aspect of debt recovery and offers a wide range of services that will suit your needs.

Industrial Disease / Illness at Work

If you’re suffering from occupational illness or industrial disease that has been caused by (or perhaps made worse by) working conditions - you could be due compensation.

From developing a serious work related illness from exposure to asbestos or toxic metals or chemicals, to loss of hearing, or a repetitive strain injury – Simpson Millar have worked on cases for clients that stretch back many years, and we can help you build a case.

Driving Offences

If you’re worried about a pending motoring conviction and the effects it could have on your ability to hold a valid licence, our specialist Driving Offences team can put you at ease, offering a tailored service.

We can provide you with all of the help and advice that you will need to be able to dispute or mitigate the alleged offence.

Education Law

Our Education Law team is the largest of its kind in the country and our specialists are available to act in the best interests of your child, whilst maintaining a strong working relationship with the schools concerned.

Whether you require assistance getting the appropriate special needs provisions for your child, drafting appeals, or simply just advice on making claims against local authorities, we can help.

Elderly Legal Services

The financial implications of making care arrangements for elderly parents or loved ones is just one of the issues faced by many people who want the best for their family, but aren’t quite sure how to plan for any eventuality.

In what can be a very sensitive and emotional process, our highly skilled specialists are just a phone call away – offering you the straightforward, jargon free advice on Long-Term Care Fees, Wills, and End of Life Care.

Employment Law

Simpson Millar has strong links with Trade Unions and has represented both employees and Trade Unions alike on many occasions. We also help Employers follow proper procedures when it comes to managing their employees.

If you are facing problems at work as an employee, or if you are a Trade Union looking to help your members, our team has extensive experience in cases that have set precedent in the Employment Tribunal, the Court of Appeal, and the House of Lords.

Family Law

If you need legal advice regarding family matters, Simpson Millar can provide you with wide-ranging advice on every aspect of family law, relationship planning, and breakdown.

In many cases, family issues can be stressful, complicated, and emotions run high; our specialists will take into account your individual case and requirements, acting in confidence to help you get the advice you need to resolve your dispute.

Holiday Claims

When an illness or accident has turned your holiday from the trip of a lifetime into a stress filled nightmare, our specialist Holiday Claims team can help.

We specialise in helping anyone who suffers an illness or is injured in an accident whilst on holiday or even working abroad and wishes to claim compensation.

As industry specialists, our highly experienced team of solicitors are available to take on your claim on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.


Immigration law can become complex very quickly and that is why our Immigration team continuously monitors changes in the rules, providing you with the most relevant and up to date legal advice possible.

Our solicitors are ready to listen and provide you with expert immigration advice related to your specific case, increasing the potential success of your case first time around.

Life Changing Injuries

Catastrophic injuries can be life changing for victims, but Simpson Millar is always on hand with all of the legal advice that you’ll need. That way, you’ll be able to focus on your recovery rather than the pressure and financial burdens that come with a life changing injury.

Rest assured that our team will handle your personal circumstances in complete confidence and will be able to provide you with straightforward legal advice to help you make a claim.


When mediation is done in the right way, communication with the other party will be much easier on both sides, and can help to preserve the relationship – this is of special importance if you need to maintain an ongoing relationship with each other such as when children, or elderly relatives are involved.

Certain disputes can only be resolved with legal help; and that’s why the independent mediation service that Simpson Millar provides can help you to get the closure you need with ongoing cases, giving you further possibilities that allow for a resolution to be found.

Medical Negligence

What most would consider human nature, apologising when things have gone wrong has become something that was unheard of, and even frowned upon. This means issues are left to fester to the point that an apology will never be enough and compensation becomes the first option.

For those that do become a victim of medical negligence, an apology may help at the time but it does not rectify the situation, especially when it may have led to life changing events.

Our solicitors are on hand to take your case against medical professionals that have fallen short of their duty of care.

Personal Injury

Take this scenario: A student cyclist is hit by a car and left with bruising on his left side and a broken arm, and it looks like this could ruin any chances of finishing their exams and graduating.

Accidents happen… But the impact on the victims can be tremendous. Often, individuals need physiotherapy and counselling to be able to get back on their feet fully. Contacting our personal injury solicitors and being awarded compensation makes sure you don't have to worry about funding this or losing out from being unable to work. What's more is that we'll also help you set up a personal injury trust to protect and make the most of this money.

Polish Legal Services

Simpson Millar is the leading UK firm in making its services easily accessible to all, whether that is based on fees or language. A language barrier should not limit your access to proper legal advice, and that’s why our Polish Legal Services team are on hand to be able to help you get the legal advice that they need.

Professional Negligence

If you have been given wrongful information or advice from a trade professional, whether that be a plumber, accountant, or even a previous solicitor; we can offer you clear, straightforward advice.

As members of the Professional Negligence Lawyers’ Association, you can be sure that the Simpson Millar's Professional Negligence team can give you the legal advice you need to establish if you have a valid claim.

Road Accidents

If you have been injured in a road traffic accident – this could be a car crash, cycling accident, or if you have been run over by a car or knocked from a motorcycle – you could be able to make a compensation claim.

Our team gives expert road traffic accident advice; no jargon, no nonsense. We work on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis so that you have peace of mind knowing you won’t incur big charges if your claim is not successful.

Wills, Trust and Probate

When a family member passes away, having to deal with their estate can be a highly emotional and stressful period of time – this can be even more so when there have been arguments or you are estranged.

Many people simply do not know what to do in such cases. Whether you have a basic understanding or want to be guided every step of the way, our private client team are here for you. We aim to give you clear coherent advice in a time when emotions can run high.

If dealing with a family member's Will has reminded you of your own mortality, then it might well be time to get yours updated – or better still, make one in the first place.

Why should I choose Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors?

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  • We have over 450 staff spread over a network of offices, making us a nationwide, yet local firm of solicitors

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