£35,000 Compensation for Motorcycle Accident Injury

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A Motorcycle Accident Claim Case Study - Client Situation

Ms P was a passenger on a motorcycle being ridden by her partner when the driver of a car suddenly pulled across their path. She fell off the bike and went over the top of the car, before landing heavily on the ground.

Ms P suffered several injuries in the motorcycle accident, including:

  • Lacerations and scarring to her right shoulder
  • A sprain on her right wrist
  • A distal radius fracture on her dominant hand
  • Bruising of the knees

Ms P also suffered psychological problems following the accident, and was left with permanent discomfort and restricted movement in her wrist. But thankfully, no further surgery or treatment was needed following the motorcycle accident.

Ms P got in touch with our team of expert Motorcycle Accident Lawyers for a free claims assessment, where we discussed her situation and how we could help. We felt she had a good chance of successfully claiming compensation for her injuries and their impact on her life, and agreed to help her on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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How We Helped

I approached the car driver’s insurance company with details of our claim and they admitted liability (fault) for the accident. This meant we could settle the claim without Ms P having to go through the added expense and stress of going to Court.

I arranged medical assessments for Ms P, so independent medical experts could examine her and write up detailed reports on her injuries.

In addition, I looked at how the motorcycle accident had affected her financially. For example, she’d racked up costs by travelling to medical appointments, replacing damaged clothing and being forced to miss holidays that had been booked.

She was also unable to work for some time following the motorbike accident, so we claimed for loss of her earnings, as well as the cost of care and assistance that was provided by her family, as this went over and above what might usually be expected.

The Outcome

At first, the car driver’s insurance company offered to settle for £20,000 compensation but this offer was rejected. Following further negotiations, I managed to persuade them to award a total of £35,000 in compensation, and Ms P accepted this.

This reflected the severity of her injuries and what she’d been through, and puts her back in a position to move on and rebuild her life.

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