£400,000 Compensation for Accident at Work

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A Work Accident Claim Case Study – Client Situation

Our client was working with a colleague who placed a ladder on top of some tarpaulin. The colleague pulled on the tarpaulin, causing the ladder to flip over and hit our client on his head. Our client sustained a two-inch laceration on the front of his head along with post-concussion syndrome.

As a result of his injuries, he struggled to perform his role as a manager at work, and felt that he needed to work twice as hard to meet the standards expected of him.

This proved too difficult for him, so he had to give up his role. Although he has tried to find different jobs, each attempt to find work was unsuccessful until he took a role with significantly less responsibility and pay.

How We Helped

Our client decided to claim compensation for his Accident at Work and the impact the injuries have had on his life.

He contacted our Personal Injury Solicitors for free legal advice. Senior Associate Solicitor Caroline Fox agreed to represent him, as she believed he had a good case for compensation. Following her investigation and submissions to the Defendant’s Solicitor, Caroline secured an early admission of liability (fault).

Caroline secured several significant Interim Payments and arranged for our client to receive input from a Case Manager, who prepared an Immediate Needs Assessment. They arranged for our client to receive neuro rehabilitation. However, he still suffers from continuous pain, short-term memory loss, depression and anxiety.

The Outcome

Caroline secured a total of £400,000 compensation for our client.

It was important to our client to settle his case as quickly as possible because he found the litigation extremely stressful. That said, he would only settle his case for a fair amount of compensation. Even with the involvement of 7 experts in the case, the case concluded within 2 years.

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