A&E Medical Negligence - Achilles Tendon Injury

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A Medical Negligence Claim Case Study - Client Situation

The client contacted our Medical Negligence Solicitors as there had been a delay in diagnosing his Achilles’ tendon after he fell of a ladder, and then a further delay in correcting the damage. Our client believed that this delay in treatment lead to him developing avoidable complications, including unnecessary further surgery.

As a result, he was required to undergo a prolonged period of rehabilitation and the loss of part of his big toe tendon which was used to repair the Achilles tendon, as well as having to go to hospital for numerous outpatient appointments.

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How We Helped

After taking on this A&E Medical Negligence case, we started our investigation by obtaining a copy of the client’s medical records. We subsequently appointed an experts in emergency medicine and toot and ankle surgery to establish whether or not the care that was provided in A&E was of an acceptable standard.

The medical experts’ concluded that the care administered had been negligent and substandard, and that this had resulted in the ‘death’ of the Achilles tendon due to a lack of blood supply to it. It had shrivelled up and was too short to allow repair. This meant that a replacement had to be harvested from another part of our client’s body.

Once a case was established, our Medical Negligence Solicitors sent a Letter of Claim to the NHS Hospital Trust setting out the basis on which it was considered the care had been negligent. This outlined what injuries our client had sustained and the financial losses that had been suffered as a result.

Initially, the Hospital Trust responded by denying liability. However, after further communications and negotiations with the Hospital Trust, agreement was reached as to which aspects of the medical care had been negligent without the need to start Court proceedings.

The Outcome

Our client was awarded damages of around £20,000 in compensation for the pain and suffering he endured, as well as to cover the additional care and assistance he needed. The amount of compensation awarded reflected the fact that the Achilles tendon would have been repaired without needing a graft from another part of his body if the damage had been picked up within 6 weeks of his injury.

The delayed healing and more invasive surgery should have been avoided. Our client was a keen vintage motorcyclist and his enjoyment of this was reduced due to reduced power in his ankle he felt from the injury he sustained.

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