Compensation for Injured Warehouse Operative


Our client was working as a warehouse operative when she was hit twice by a metal trolley that her colleague had lost control of. 

Following the accident, our client was examined, and it was found she had suffered an injury to her lower back and was experiencing urinary tract symptoms. Our client was also enduring the psychological impact of being involved in such a sudden and unexpected accident.

Because of the injuries, she needed additional care and assistance which she mainly got from friends and family members. They supported her with domestic chores, food preparation and shopping in the months following the accident.  

Her employer (the Defendant) accepted primary liability for the accident.

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How we Helped

After we spoke to our client, it quickly became clear that her employer had shown significant negligence in the lead up to her accident. Most importantly, they had failed to put in place reasonable measures that could have prevented the accident from happening.

We considered this as part of her claim as well as the costs associated with her injuries. Our client was referred to a medical expert who recommended that she should be seen by a psychologist, urologist and a pain specialist.

Relying on friends to take her to and from these appointments, the cost of travelling to the hospital and to her nearest GP quickly built up. Covering this expense was made more difficult by her loss in earnings as she was unable to return to work after the accident.   

Our client’s existing and future costs were submitted as part of her claim.

The Outcome

Our client’s employer was ordered to pay compensation of £137,441.79 of which £62,441.79 was benefits that the claimant received and had to be paid back to DWP. Our client received £75,000 for damages and interest.

We were so pleased with this outcome for our client and while it won’t undo the damage caused by her accident, we hope it will help her start to move forward.

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