Brain Injury Treatment Denied for British Veterans

Steven Horsley
Steven Horsley
Head of Military Claims

The Guardian reported this week on the Ministry of Defence’s ongoing denial of brain injuries affecting British Army veterans, and the new technology that could provide a breakthrough in the recognition of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) caused by exposure to wave blasts.

In the US, traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been widely recognised among veterans since 2008. It was recorded in 2020 that 20% of US veterans had been left with TBIs as a result of exposure to blast waves in Afghanistan and Iraq. But according to the Ministry of Defence (MOD), only 4% of British veterans suffered from a TBI after fighting in the same conflicts.

This may not provide a true reflection of the number of British soldiers impacted. Over the years, thousands of British veterans may have had a TBI misdiagnosed as Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). As a result, veterans are going without the vital treatment and support they need.

It’s hoped that recent innovations in the MEG scan process, used to detect ‘slow waves’ which point towards a brain injury, will lead to a quicker diagnosis for thousands of veterans, giving them access to crucial support.

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Why is a Correct Diagnosis so Important?

Sadly, brain injuries are one of the key factors that drive many veterans to suicide so it’s especially important that diagnoses are given promptly and the right support is put in place.

For years, the MOD have told veterans that their symptoms were psychological rather than physical. This continued denial can be massively detrimental to mental health. Particularly when the step has been taken to seek help which can be difficult in itself.

For many veterans, lacking support has led them to become homeless, imprisoned or placed in mental health units. We’re not suggesting a correct diagnosis will provide an overnight solution to all this. But it can offer validation and the right treatment and support can provide hope for veterans.

“This condition has been recognised in the US for some time, yet even now the MOD appear reluctant to accept its validity. The ongoing tragedy here is that those who have made the greatest sacrifice are being let down by the MOD and their failure to recognise, treat and compensate for this.” – Steven Horsley, Head of Military Claims.

We hope the recent innovation in MEG scans will give more veterans in England and Wales a better chance at getting the right care, and prevent the unnecessary torment and suffering caused by misdiagnosis and denial.

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