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All prices include VAT except for immigration work where VAT is often exempt
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  • VAT: All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT except in the cases of immigration work where clients are often exempt from paying VAT
  • Below is a selection of some of the services we offer and their relevant prices. Details on all of our services can be found here or simply call 0808 129 3320.
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Legal Services



For buying and/or selling a property, Re-mortgaging, Tenancy Agreements, Equity releases, Joint Tenancy and Tenancy in Common agreements and Deed of Trust

Getting you moving quickly and efficiently.

We now offer fixed fee legal services for areas of conveyancing, as part of our flexible approach to paying for a solicitor. We also offer a ‘no move no fee’ guarantee to provide extra peace of mind.

  • Conveyancing - Fixed Fees
  • Conveyancing - Remortgage
  • Conveyancing - Equity Release
  • Conveyancing - Deed of Trust
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For Advice on School Places, Children out of school, and SEND (Special Education Needs & Disability).

Your child’s education is important, when things get complicated you may need assistance with applications, appeals, and exclusions.

We now offer set fee legal services for education law, as part of our flexible approach to paying for a solicitor.

  • Education Law - Admissions Appeals
  • Education Law - Advice for a Child Out of School
  • Education Law - SEN Statement or EHCP Assessments
  • Education Law - SEN Appeal Form Preparation
  • Education Law - SEN Working Document Preparation
  • Education Law - SEN Advocacy Services
  • Education Law - SEN Appeals Support Service
  • Education Law - SEN Advice Annual Subscription Service
  • Education Law - Full SEN Appeal Package
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Advice on all aspects of employment related issues for employees, employers and trade unions

For those times in your working life when you need some help and assistance

As part of our flexible approach to paying for a solicitor for offer hourly rates, legal expense insurance and fixed fees.

  • Employment Law Advice for Employees
  • Employment Law Advice for Employers
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For Divorces, Finance Disputes and Disputes over Children

Overwhelmed with what's going on at home? Our clear pricing plans end the uncertainty.

Family law disputes can be emotional, so knowing the fee before you begin can help you focus on your case and ensure the best possible outcome.

  • Divorce, Fees and Prices Information
  • Financial Disputes during divorce, Fees and Prices Information
  • Disputes over Children, fees and prices Information
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For Court of Protection, Lasting Power of Attorney, Probate, Personal Injury Trusts and Wills

For those times in your later life when you need to plan what happens next

We now offer set fee legal services for areas of private client law, as part of our flexible approach to paying for a solicitor.

  • Court of Protection (Deputyships) Advice
  • Lasting Power of Attorney Legal Service
  • Probate Service
  • Personal Injury Trusts Service
  • Wills Service
  • Declaration of Trusts Service
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Why Us?

  • We have over 150 years' experience,
  • An award winning team of solicitors
  • Recommended by Chambers and Partners and Legal 500
  • Offices local, and national throughout England and Wales

Our Services:

We'll provide expert legal advice, with a variety of payment options to suit your needs with no compromise on quality.

  • Pricing:
    • Fixed pricing structures
    • Hourly rate options
    • Legal expenses insurance options
  • Transparency
  • Clear and easy to understand advice

Our Commitment:

  • We offer a range of services within different pricing options to give you the best value for money
  • Every case is different, but knowing your solicitor isn't running wild with your funds will give you the certainty you need
  • We will work within the confines of your budget and if anything else is needed, our solicitors will consult you before taking any further action

Client Reviews

I would like to thank you for representing me during my divorce. I was very impressed with the excellent service I received, and found your positive and fair approach to my situation, both supportive and helpful during a difficult time. You took time to listen and advise me in a direct and informative way, and I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others.

Your help has been invaluable and very much appreciated.

Thriving health and welfare practice with strong expertise in handling matters involving disputes with local authorities and health trusts. Routinely instructed to act in deprivation of liberty and medical treatment cases on behalf of individuals who lack capacity, as well as disabled and elderly people.

A specialist in domestic violence cases, ancillary relief and private children law, Emma Pearmaine co-leads the department. She wins acclaim for her calm approach and ability to navigate through complex points of law. A recent client enthuses: 'I would recommend her to anyone!'

Nationwide firm with a well-regarded London team representing trade unions and employees. Areas of specialism include severance negotiations, wrongful dismissal and equal pay disputes.

For quick answers to common questions, check our FAQs below:

Click for AnswerWhen are fees payable?

AnswerPayment is due before work can commence. Any Court fees (page 12) we have to pay (unless you are exempt) are payable by you in advance. The document linked here explains more about Court fees. Any fees payable to third parties, including Agents, Experts and Barristers, are payable in full before they can be instructed to begin work.

Click for AnswerCan I get help paying my legal costs?

AnswerBefore any work is completed, we'll discuss with you all the options available to help you pay for your legal costs.

If, for example, you are a member of a trade union or you have insurance you should tell us. These are both things that may help to reduce your legal costs. Some insurance policies cover you for some things and not others. 'After the event' and 'before the event' insurance are examples of this. You should ask us as many questions as you need to so that you fully understand what you’re signing up for. If you choose us to provide you with legal services and you're on benefits or a low income we may be able to help you reduce or cover all of your legal costs. Only a few firms still offer things such as Legal Aid and we are one of the few. Make sure you mention your current financial position to us so we can offer you the best deals possible. All of these things will impact on your fixed fee options and should be discussed with us from the outset.

Click for Answer Does a fixed fee cover everything, or will there be any other charges?

Answer'Fixed fee' can mean a number of things depending on the service it relates to. We make the services available as part of our fixed fee packages clear, so you know how far your money will stretch. You may only need the fixed fee service for the beginning of the case and as time goes on, more services may need to be added.

Before any further action is taken, your solicitor will make clear how far the fixed fee service will stretch in your particular case before they charge you for any additional service.

Getting an estimate for the work required and receiving a fixed fee service are not the same thing.

Make sure you clearly understand what you're paying for. Our solicitors are more than happy to help clarify the fixed fee service for you. You may be in a position where you start off with the fixed fee service but for additional work you choose to be charged by the hourly rate. If this is the case, you can ask our solicitors to give you an estimate of the whole service together with fixed fees included.

Click for Answer Will you tell me if my costs change?

Answer Where there are new developments or changes to the course of your case, costs may change. This may happen, for example, in a divorce case where things suddenly become more complicated and more needs to be done. If this is the case, you should speak to us to ensure you have enough finances to continue. If you agreed a budget with us, then we'll be able to tell you when you're nearing your financial threshold. At this point, we can discuss with you the actions you can take next that would best suit you, and your wallet. We'll stop working to make sure you're happy to continue whilst clarifying the costs along the way.

Even fixed fees may be subject to additional costs, if this is the case, we will set out any likely changes in the Welcome Letter we send you to thank you for choosing us.

Just as costs can go up, they may also go down. We'll tell you if the price of our service is likely to change either way, so you'll still have the option of shopping around.

Click for AnswerAre extra costs included in the price?

Answer Extra costs could include things like doctors or medical expert bills, phone calls or photocopying. It's important to ask if these things are included in the price of the fixed fee service or if they are considered extra costs. This will help you to determine what your budget is and that you don’t get a shock when the bill comes. With regards to VAT, all of our fixed fees specify that VAT is included in the price, except for immigration work as often the client is exempt from paying VAT.

Click for AnswerWhen will I get the bill and are payment options available or am I required to pay in full?

Answer Our solicitors will make the billing procedure clear to you from the beginning- this is especially the case if you choose our fixed fee options. Our fixed fee services usually require you to pay for the service in full upfront so we can get to work straight away on your case. This way, you don’t incur any additional charges like late payment fees because you've already provided us with the funds to get to work.

Click for AnswerWhat happens if the charge is different?

AnswerThe unique thing about our fixed fees is that the price won't change. Our pricing structure is clear and concise and any changes will be highlighted and confirmed with you before we take any action.

Click for AnswerWhat happens regarding work you do for me which is not included in the Fixed Fee?

AnswerAny work we do for you which is not including in the Fixed Fee will be charged separately on the basis of our hourly rate, as set out in our Terms of Business letter. We will not do any such work for you until we have discussed this with you and explained your charges and given you the best estimate we can of the likely overall cost to you. An exception to this is work we may have to do for you on an emergency basis where we have been unable to contact you before proceedings. We will only do this if we think the work is reasonably necessary to protect your interests but you agree to pay our charges for that.

Click for AnswerWhat happens if I am instructed to pay another person's legal fees?

AnswerIt is possible (but relatively unusual) that the Court might make an Order that you should pay, or contribute to, another person's legal fees during the course or your case. This is something we can discuss with you are your case moves forwards, we will point out any particular risks as they arise. The Fixed Fee payment you make to us does not, of course, cover any such Order made against you.

Click for AnswerWhat happens if another person is instructed to pay my legal fees?

AnswerIt is possible (but relatively unusual) that the Court might make an Order that someone else should pay or contribute to your legal fees for all or part of your case. This is something we can discuss with you as your case moves forwards and we will point out any stage at which this becomes likely. If such an Order is made, we reserve the right to charge you for the relevant portion of work on the basis of time we have spent, rather than on the basis of the Fixed Fee. You can the recover this payment from that other person.

If you still have an unanswered question then please get in touch so we can put your mind at ease.

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Please note: At this stage, we do not expect to do any work outside the terms of any fixed price quoted. We will notify you if the position changes; if it does, we will agree with you how the additional work will be charged.

They combine great humanity and great application. They're a delight to work with, because they put the quality of their own internal education and the quality of their product first, before they start counting the pennies.

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