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When a loved one is diagnosed with Dementia, it can be a stressful and uncertain time.

There are a lot of misconceptions about Dementia, but ultimately, it affects a person ability to remember certain things, as well as affecting their communication.

Taking care of someone who is diagnosed with a disease such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s can be difficult, but you will always have the knowledge that they are being taken care of properly. On top of care needs there are other things to be taken into consideration, such as changing or updating their Will, or perhaps there have been disputes regarding how their finances will be managed.

Within my role, I deal with various clients who need assistance when it comes to their loved one’s diagnosis of Dementia. I act as a professional deputy for families where there have been legal disagreements.

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It is crucial that our team understand Dementia as a condition and the way in which it impacts people’s lives, relationships, and communication abilities.

Having a sound understanding of the condition and acknowledging that it affects everybody differently enables us to be skilled in communicating with those with a Dementia diagnosis to enable them to feel as involved as possible in the decisions being made. 

We consider things such as what the best time of day is to meet, where to meet, the length of sentences we use, tone and pitch of speech and whether any communication aids or personal support are necessary.

In one such case my client, who I’ll refer to as P, was diagnosed with Dementia, their family were not in agreement with one another as to how P’s finances should be managed.

It is often complicated when it comes to dealing with the finances of a loved one with Dementia, as their lifetime of gathering assets, investments and savings will be subject to uncertainty.

It is quite normal for a family to disagree with one another as to where assets/ finances will go, and sometimes they will disagree about how it should be done.

This is where we come in.

Our role allows us to act as a neutral deputy, to listen to everyone involved and take a clear, objective view of the issues at hand.

Myself and our other Court of Protection Solicitors are here to assist you and ensure that the legal side of things are properly taken care of, so you can focus on the more important things.

We can provide you with support and peace of mind at a period where you may feel overwhelmed and uncertain for your loved one’s future.

If you wish to discuss anything mentioned, or you have any general enquires, get in touch with myself or a member of the specialist Court of Protection Team today, to see how we can assist you.

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