Traffic Accident Leads to Distress for Postal Worker


A 29 year old man hurt in a road traffic accident has been awarded compensation for personal injury.

Road Traffic Accident

Shunted while Stationary

The Royal Mail driver from Dudley had been stationary at a roundabout when the defendant, a private individual, failed to stop and collided into the back of his vehicle.

As a result the man suffered muscle pain in his lower back, neck and right shoulder area.

PTSD and Anxiety Unavoidable for Driver

Simpson Millar LLP's Susan Vanden, who handled the case on instruction from the Communications Workers' Union (CWU), said: "The driver was injured physically and psychologically. He suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, and had a great deal of difficulty sleeping and performing domestic chores for quite a long time.

"He enjoyed his social life, biking and gym workouts before the accident, but unfortunately his injuries and subsequent recuperation prevented such activity for quite a while."

Professional, Knowledgeable and Available

The man expressed his satisfaction with his compensation award of £5,000 and with Simpson Millar LLP's services.

"[They] have been very professional and of high quality. Simpson Millar LLP were very knowledgeable about what was going on at all times, and also very easy to get hold of when anything needed further explanation."

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