New Zealand Citizen Successfully Joins Family In The UK


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Relocating to the UK from a country outside the European Economic Area (EEA) can be quite difficult, as one of our clients from New Zealand discovered.

New Zealand Citizen Successfully Joins Family In The UK

Arshia Hashmi, Solicitor in Immigration Law, explains how with her support and guidance a New Zealand national successfully joined his wife and two children in the UK after Brexit.

Leaving New Zealand For The UK

Our client's story begins in New Zealand, where he had established a home with his wife and children who were all British citizens.

The family's decision to leave New Zealand and move back to the UK was prompted by our client's mother-in-law falling seriously ill. Due to the severity of her condition, our client's wife had to return to the UK so that she could care for her mother and give her the support that she needed.

At this point in time, our client and his wife didn't know how long they would remain in the UK so he applied for 6 months leave to enter the UK.

Applying To Settle In The UK

After spending some time in the UK, our client decided that he wanted to make an application to stay on a permanent basis with his family. Spouses of British citizens can apply to join their family in the UK on the condition that they meet certain immigration rules, which include:

  • Showing that they are in a genuine relationship
  • Meeting a certain financial requirement
  • Having a place to live in the UK
  • Passing an English test
  • Having tuberculosis clearance

Before he made the application, however, our client stumbled onto a few problems.

He was initially advised that it would be difficult for him to make the application from within the UK as to be given leave to remain he would have to show that there were ‘insurmountable obstacles’ preventing him from returning to New Zealand.

After doing some initial research into the UK's immigration rules, he found that they were difficult to understand and navigate through without legal support.

Seeking Legal Help

Anxious about the possibility of being separated from his wife and children for a long period of time, our client then decided to seek professional legal help from Arshia.

After Arshia spoke to our client about his situation, she offered him some initial advice. She also walked him through the application process step by step, explaining what forms he would need to fill out and what supporting evidence he would need to provide.

Once he had filled out the application form, Arshia then carefully reviewed the forms and supporting documentation. It's important to remember that if an application like this one contains any errors, or it has missing or incorrect information, this can have a serious impact on the possibility of securing a visa. 

That's why being thorough and checking everything meticulously is crucial.

Joining His Family In The UK On A Permanent Basis

Our client soon returned to New Zealand and with our assistance he submitted an entry clearance application.

He was thrilled to discover that his application was successful, and he was reunited with his family only 6 weeks after he left the UK to make the application. 

"I am so grateful for the help provided by Arshia", our client commented.

"I knew that without her guidance I would not have correctly completed the application. Thanks to Arshia, the application was approved so I am now heading to the UK."

"You really did go above and beyond the call of duty to help me and I will always be grateful to you for that."

Arshia comments:

"I knew that the outcome of this application was life-changing for our client and his family, so I wanted to do everything I could to help him secure a place in the UK."

"Working through the UK's immigration system is not easy to do on your own, and this case proves that having the right legal support along the way makes a big difference."

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