Do You Require Treatment To Make a Whiplash Claim?


Today marks the start of Road Safety Week in the UK. Britain was once called the "whiplash capital of Europe" back in 2011 by the Association of British Insurers, with three quarters of personal injury claims here being associated with neck injury.

It can be nice to have help when handling an accident
There's been no shortage of stories about "ambulance chasers" and "cash for crash" schemes, but many innocent drivers are hit on our roads every day and need the help of the law to get back on their feet.

Painkillers For Whiplash

Our 43-year-old client, who works as a postman, came to us after being involved in a car accident. The damage was minor, but it led to significant discomfort for a few days. He was stationary in his van waiting for traffic to pass so he could turn right when a car hit him from behind.

The van driver was wearing a seatbelt with the correct head restraints at the time of the accident, which prevented a greater injury, but it didn't stop him from getting soft tissue whiplash to his neck, back and chest. Our client went to A & E, and was sent home with painkillers. This is the general treatment for whiplash.

Realising that he was indeed in the right and could pursue a claim, he came to us. As we do with every client, we sent him for an independent medical report to assess the extent of his injuries, and determine what the realistic recovery time would be.

Do I Need To Have Physiotherapy?

Recovery time was estimated at 6 months, and the doctor who examined our client following the accident anticipated no further complications. No physiotherapy or other additional treatments were required in this instance but this is the stage at which it is usually recommended. In any case, our client refused the offer of physiotherapy made to him by the other side as he felt like it wouldn't "benefit him at such a late stage".

It's important to point out here that if you are offered physiotherapy and it can be shown that your recovery time would greatly improve if you engaged in it, then this may affect the amount of compensation you receive.

Despite turning down the physiotherapy, we were able to secure £2,515 in compensation, and our client was happy with the way we handled their case. Whiplash can have short and long term implications but the treatments for it are relatively simple. In some cases, a delayed reaction to whiplash can cause you to suffer symptoms later on, but don't let this deter you from making a claim. Prolonged neck pain can prevent you from carrying out everyday activities and cause problems at work.

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