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Supporting Crisis At Christmas

12 December 2016 | Zena Soormally

Find out how Fairpoint and Simpson Millar are helping to tackle homelessness by supporting the Crisis at Christmas scheme.

Clarification Of DoLS Challenges And Funding – The Case Of Re Briggs

28 November 2016 | Zena Soormally

Simpson Millars Court of Protection solicitor explains some of the important points made about DoLS challenges in the case of Re Briggs

Listening To People With Dementia

17 November 2016 | Zena Soormally

Simpson Millar investigates how the Department of Healths new dementia programme will help improve the lives of those with the condition and their carers.

Is Adult Social Care Funding In Crisis?

16 November 2016 | Zena Soormally

A 2016 report has found that a lack of funding has left the adult social care system in crisis. Simpson Millars Court of Protection solicitor investigates

Raising Money For Charity – Walk The Thames 2016!

26 October 2016 | Zena Soormally

Simpson Millars solicitors are taking part in the Walk the Thames 2016 charity event to raise money for the London Legal Support Trust.

Social Care And NHS Services Are Struggling To Support The Elderly

7 October 2016 | Zena Soormally

A Nuffield Trust & Kings Fund report has shown that social care/NHS services are struggling to support the elderly – Simpson Millar investigates.

Man Contests Ex-Mother-in-Law's Will

16 June 2016 | Arif Khalfe

A man who was promised an equal share of inherited money in a divorce settlement has been granted permission to challenge his ex-Mother-in-Law's will.

Lynda Bellingham's Inheritance Dispute: A Stark Reminder to Put Your Wishes in a Will

9 May 2016 | Sarah Ali

Lynda Bellingham's sons have spoken out about their inheritance row with her widower, Michael Pattermore.

Sign o' the Times

29 April 2016 | Sarah Ali

There appears to have been a number of celebrity deaths in the recent months, with Prince being one of the most recent losses.

The Importance of Appropriate Communication when Assessing Capacity

4 April 2016 | Zena Soormally

Zena Soormally specialises in Court of Protection work. Today she highlights some specific issues when helping people on the autism spectrum.

Dignity Action Day: How Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards Protect The Dignity of those in Care

1 February 2016 | Julie Cornes

It is Dignity Action Day on the 1st February, supported by the National Dignity Council

Your Say and Control – End of Life Choices Matter

27 January 2016 | Daxa Patel

The Mental Capacity Act 2005 provides the legal framework for making decisions on behalf of individuals who lack mental capacity.

Relatives Challenging Unfair Wills in Growing Numbers

21 January 2016 | Sarah Ali

A new survey has revealed some fascinating differences in the way people think about inheritance

How To: Spot Financial Abuse

4 January 2016 | James Skinner

Financial abuse is the most recorded type of abuse in the UK.

An Estranged Parent Has Died – What Should I Do?

15 December 2015 | Sarah Ali

To hear that a parent has died can come as a big shock, especially when you havent seen your parent in many years or had any warning that they were unwell.

Legal Jargon Explained – What is Private Client Law?

11 December 2015 | Sarah Ali

When you look for legal advice, you're going to be looking for someone to help you with the issue at hand; whether it's a will, administering an estate, or

Human Rights Every Day

10 December 2015 | Angela Jackman

Dont turn a blind eye to the human rights act as it is something that you may need one day.

Cash in the Attic Mentality Fueling Inheritance Rows

4 December 2015 | Sarah Ali

At least £800m pounds could be left in the bank accounts of deceased people with no Will in place this year – leaving relatives to fight over the money.

Where There is a Will, There is Almost Always a Way

30 November 2015 | Sarah Ali

When a family member passes away, having to deal with their will can be a highly emotional and stressful period of time.

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