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The latest news on parasitic and bacterial infection outbreaks around the world, including guides to claiming compensation and how to ensure that your package holiday isn't ruined by illness or injury from the travel law specialists at the Simpson Millar holiday claims team.
Why Thomas Cook's Booking Conditions May Affect You If You Make a Holiday Illness Claim

Time icon 18 July 2017 | Person icon Andrew Tarling

We explore Thomas Cook's booking conditions to see if holidaymakers are being given the right advice on making a holiday illness claim. Call 0808 145 1353.

Are Holiday Companies Telling You All That You Need To Know?

Time icon 11 July 2017 | Person icon Nolan Mortimer

As news that Jet2 and TUI had adverts banned emerges, we question whether holiday companies are telling you all that you need to know. Call 0808 145 1353.

Is It Okay To Make a Holiday Illness Claim?

Time icon 29 June 2017 | Person icon James Blower

If you're not sure if you're entitled to holiday illness compensation or you're worried about making a claim, read this article. Call 0808 145 1353.

TripAdvisor Reviewers Comment On Hotel Trying To Influence Reviews

Time icon 24 May 2017 | Person icon Andrew Tarling

TripAdvisor users say a hotel offered them compensation in exchange for positive reviews, potentially introducing an element of bias. Call 0808 145 1353.

Hotel Playa Pesquero Guests Report Being Offered Holiday Illness Compensation

Time icon 26 April 2017 | Person icon Paul Stevens

Holidaymakers have advised us they were offered compensation for a holiday illness they suffered at the Hotel Playa Pesquero in Cuba.

Why ABTA's Alternative Dispute Resolution Scheme Might Not Be Ideal for Some Holidaymakers

Time icon 24 March 2017 | Person icon Paul Stevens

After ABTA launched their ADR scheme for sick holidaymakers, we explain the pros and cons of using dispute resolution or a solicitor.

How the Supply of Goods and Services Act 1982 Affects Swimming Pool Claims

Time icon 14 March 2017 | Person icon Simon Lomax

We explain how the Sales and Goods and Services Act 1982 can affect your rights and the law of swimming pool holiday illness claims.

TUI And Thomas Cook Fined By ABTA

Time icon 27 February 2017 | Person icon Andrew Tarling

Thomas Cook and TUI-owned Thomson and First Choice have been fined by holiday company regulator ABTA for breaking their Code of Conduct.

Landmark Court Of Appeal Judgment Favours British Tourists Who Have Been Ill On Holiday

Time icon 19 January 2017 | Person icon Paul Stevens

A landmark Court of Appeal judgement for British tourists who suffered illness on holiday is a win for holidaymaker consumer rights.

Christmas Is Nearly Here Along With The Norovirus And Other Holiday Illnesses

Time icon 19 December 2016 | Person icon James Blower

You can escape the cold on a Christmas holiday, but you might not escape the Norovirus and other holiday illnesses like Gastroenteritis.

Holidaymakers Report Cryptosporidium Outbreak At The Hotel Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes

Time icon 17 November 2016 | Person icon Andrew Tarling

There have been reports of a potential Cryptosporidium outbreak at Hotel Be Live Family Costa Los Gigantes (aka Holiday Village Tenerife).

Could Post-Brexit Britain See An Increase In Holiday Claims?

Time icon 26 October 2016 | Person icon James Blower

4 months on from Brexit, we look at how holiday compensation claims may increase as the value of the pound continues to decline.

Olympic Diving Pool Turns Green in Rio

Time icon 10 August 2016 | Person icon Claire Rabbetts

With reports of the diving pool in Rio turning green, we look at the law of getting sick from swimming pools on holiday.

Reports Of Guests At The Catalonia Riviera Maya Suffering From The Cyclospora Infection

Time icon 4 August 2016 | Person icon Simon Lomax

We have had reports of guests suffering from a cyclospora infection at the Catalonia Riviera Maya in Mexico.

Sensimar Seaside Suite Illness Ruining Brits Holidays

Time icon 3 August 2016 | Person icon Nick Harris

British tourists holidays ruined by sickness bug at the Sensimar Seaside Suites (formerly El Dorado Seaside Suites) in Mexico.

Questions About Lowcostholidays Answered

Time icon 19 July 2016 | Person icon Andrew Tarling

As lowcostholidays go into administration and holidaymakers are left uncertain, we provide some clarity on what it all means to you.

Attack On Istanbul Ataturk Airport In Turkey

Time icon 1 July 2016 | Person icon Nick Harris

Attack on Istanbul Atatürk airport claims the lives of 41 and injures hundreds. We look at the law of… your rights and terrorism abroad.

How The Vote To Leave The EU Will Affect Your Holiday

Time icon 24 June 2016 | Person icon Nick Harris

With uncertainty over how leaving the EU will affect us, we look at how the Brexit will affect British holidaymakers traveling abroad. Call 0808 145 1353.

Terrorism has Changed the Way We Travel

Time icon 1 June 2016 | Person icon James Blower

With terrorist attacks being prominent throughout 2015 and into early 2016, we look at how terrorism has changed the way we travel.

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