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Coverage of the most recent changes to employment law from the employment law specialists at Simpson Millar, including guides to ensure that the environment you work in is beneficial for everyone. These articles are essential reading for employers, employees and trade unions.
A Guide To Supporting Autism In The Workplace

17 January 2017 | Deana Bates

Our solicitor in employment law explains how employers can support employees with autism in the workplace.

Employers Are Still Making Excuses Not To Pay Minimum Wage

17 January 2017 | Deana Bates

A List of the worst excuses for not paying National Minimum Wage has been released. We examine what your employer is legally bound to pay you.

The Trade Union Act 2016 - Update

13 January 2017 | Joy Drummond


Expensive Employment Tribunal Fees Are Preventing Access To Justice

28 November 2016 | Joy Drummond

Are employment tribunal fees stopping workers from accessing justice? Simpson Millars Joy Drummond comments on the TUCs recent findings.

Care Workers Are Suing A Care Provider In A Battle Over The National Minimum Wage

5 October 2016 | Deana Bates

17 care workers are suing their employer in a battle over the national minimum wage. Our Care Homes and Employment Law solicitors explore the case.

Obsession With Youth Makes Experience A Liability

30 September 2016 | Zee Hussain

Finding work once you have reached a certain age can be a lot harder than people realise particularly when the spectre of age discrimination rears its head

Foster Carers Form First Ever Trade Union

26 September 2016 | Deana Bates

The first foster carers trade union has formed. We look at raw deal foster carers received in the past and how a trade union can change this.

US Presidential Election Shines Light On Fitness At Work

26 September 2016 | David Hession

Questions over Statutory Sick Pay have arisen in the wake of a health debate in the final stages of the US Presidential election.

Rising Numbers Of Women Are Facing Maternity Leave Discrimination

23 September 2016 | Deana Bates

Citizens Advice has had a 58% increase in pregnant women & new mothers asking for advice on maternity leave discrimination – Deana Bates investigates

TUC Survey Reveals 52% Of Women Have Been Sexually Harrassed At Work

1 September 2016 | Linda Stewart

A TUC survey reveals 52% of women have experienced sexual harassment at work. Simpson Millars Head of Employment Law discusses the impact this has on women

Employers Caught Flouting Minimum Wage Law Named and Shamed

25 August 2016 | David Hession

The Department for Business has released a list of almost 200 employers caught flouting UK law and failing to pay the National Minimum Wage

Sports Direct Derbyshire Staff Are Set To Receive Back Pay Of Around £1Million

22 August 2016 | Zee Hussain

Sports Direct staff at its Derby warehouse will receive back-dated payments of around £1million, after not being paid the National Minimum Wage

19 Drivers Are Taking Uber To Court In A Fight For Employment Rights

25 July 2016 | Zee Hussain

Described as employment laws case of the year, 19 drivers are taking legal action against Uber. Zee Hussain looks at the changing face of employment.

Research Highlights Continued Workplace Bullying For LGBT+ Staff

5 July 2016 | Linda Stewart

A report has highlighted that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT+) members of society continually feel the need to hide their sexuality at work.

How A Brexit Vote Could Spell Uncertainty For Employees

24 June 2016 | Aneil Balgobin

Following the brexit vote, employment law specialist aNeil Balgobin discusses how it could spell uncertainty for employees.

Potential BHS Job Losses Create Redundancy Questions for Employees

21 June 2016 | Joy Drummond

Following the liquidation announcement by the administrators of BHS, Joy Drummond considers the legal issues now facing 11,000 employees.

Chelsea FC and Constructive Dismissal

14 June 2016 | Zee Hussain

The constructive dismissal case between Dr Eva Carneiro and Chelsea FC has finally come to an end, being resolved with an undisclosed settlement amount.

Businesses Urged to Adopt Flexible Approach for European Championships

13 June 2016 | Zee Hussain

With the European Championships kicking off in France, businesses have been urged to take a flexible approach to staffing during the tournament.

MPs Invite Female Employees to Share Work Experiences in Discrimination Row

10 June 2016 | Linda Stewart

Leading expert in discrimination law has welcomed an inquiry into a petition to make it unlawful for a company to require women to wear high heels at work.

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