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Simpson Millar In Another Test Case Success In Court Of Appeal

16 November 2016 | Greg Cox

Greg Cox, Partner at Simpson Millar, acted for one of the interveners - in the Qader v Esure [2016] EWCA Civ 1109 case at the Court of Appeal this morning

When Buying A Car Turns Into A 4-Wheeled Disaster

11 May 2016 | Greg Cox

If you purchase a car based on a certain specification, and it turns out to be different – you could be reclaim your money.

The New Consumer Rights Act - Know Your Rights

10 November 2015 | Daxa Patel

To mark National Consumer Week 2015 we're looking at the changes to consumer rights law in recent months.

Why Mr Beavis Lost Parking Fine Case Is Not So Bad for Motorists

9 November 2015 | Arif Khalfe

We have all been guilty of accidentally overstaying on a parking place, and running back to the car in the vain hope of avoiding a ticket!

Cold Call Scams: The Law's Changing – But What Can You Do Meanwhile?

25 February 2015 | Bryan Nott

We've all had them: unexpected calls and texts promising the world. It seems everyone has something wonderful to offer – whether you asked for it or not.

"Like Second-class Citizens in a Third World Country" – Bristol Fly Infestation

23 June 2014 | Emma Costin

The plague of flies in Bristol rages on, causing a nuisance to local businesses and residents.

Firm Admits Responsibility for Fly Swarms

17 June 2014 | Emma Costin

Following protests from a Bristol residents group, a recycling firm in Avonmouth has conceded that a recent swarm of insects are its responsibility.

Booking your own holiday might be cheaper - but what if it goes wrong?

1 January 2014 | Nick Harris

It might be tempting to try and save money by booking separate components of a holiday such as flights and accommodation yourself ...

Poor Hotels Assessed by BBC One’s Holiday Hit Squad

7 February 2013 | Nick Harris

With thousands of Britons travelling abroad every year and the number of holiday complaints rising...

Judge implements decision for the first time after Landmark Ruling for flight delay claims

1 February 2013 | Nick Harris

The number of holidaymakers stuck at an airport up to 20 hours due to cancellations and delayed flights has been increasing over the years

Holiday complaint under investigation by Thomas Cook

10 January 2013 | Nick Harris

With the gloomy weather throughout the Christmas period, many holidaymakers flew abroad to enjoy a sunny Christmas

PPI claims pursued via the courts could be at an end

20 November 2012 | Bryan Nott

A landmark Court case has set a precedent in PPI litigation to the detriment of thousands of borrowers who are still trying to claim for the mis-selling..

Travel Agency reported by Watchdog as "Cheap Holidays at a Price!!"

18 October 2012 | Nick Harris

According to customers of an online travel agency, you may get more hassle than is worth for a cheap last minute holiday.

Mis-sold Energy savings plans

30 August 2012 | Bryan Nott

Gas and electric companies have been under the microscope now for some time in relation to their selling practices and many consumers have been duped

Mis-sold Mobile phone contracts

29 August 2012 | Bryan Nott

Important points to remember when taking out a mobile phone contract:

Free NHS dental care: misleading patients must end – OFT

1 June 2012 | Bryan Nott

Elderly care in UK under spotlight by charity report

25 May 2012 | Janet Cooper

A survey mounted by the age-support charity WRVS has found that loneliness and isolation are major issues for UK pensioners.

Privately-funded care home fees "desperately need to be controlled"

25 May 2012 | Janet Cooper

A Somerset care home's "astronomical" annual charge to look after a pensioner has been denounced by care, legal and financial experts.

Dementia Awareness Week 2012: boosting public knowledge between 20 and 26 May

23 May 2012 | Janet Cooper

In its annual bid to raise awareness of dementia and how the disease affects patients and their families, the Alzheimer's Society has announced

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