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Simpson Millar's expert solicitors give their opinions and discuss current news issues related to the care of the elderly, including care home costs, the issue of substandard care for vulnerable patients, and the protection of elderly rights.
Former Pensions Minister Warns Of Care Crisis

Time icon 30 November 2016 | Person icon Daxa Patel

After a former pensions minister warns that Britain is heading into a care crisis, a medical negligence solicitor asks what can be done to help the nation

Are Bupa Care Homes Putting The Most Vulnerable At Risk?

Time icon 11 November 2016 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Simpson Millars Care Homes solicitor explores allegations of unsafe conditions in Bupas care homes.

Deadline for Welsh NHS Continuing Healthcare Claims Approaches

Time icon 19 October 2016 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Received NHS Continuing Healthcare in Wales between 1st October 2014 and 30th October 2015? You may be entitled to a reimbursement. Find out more here.

Battling Dementia With Lewy Bodies

Time icon 31 August 2016 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Simpson Millars Care Homes expert explores the symptoms and impact of Dementia with Lewy Bodies, including why we need to raise awareness of the disease

Chronic Delays in NHS Continuing Healthcare Claims Continue

Time icon 4 July 2016 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Over 4 years have passed since Sir David Nicholson announced deadlines for assessments of eligibility for NHS Continuing Healthcare were being introduced.

A Guide To NHS Continuing Healthcare Funding

Time icon 28 June 2016 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Long-term illness and continuing care are two sensitive issues that can affect families across the UK.

Challenging the Stereotypes of Solicitors

Time icon 28 June 2016 | Person icon Janet Cooper

After the loss of her father, Jennifer Turnbull, Solicitor at Simpson Millar – realised that it was okay to admit vulnerability. Jennifer shares her story.

Budget for Guardian Angel in Old Age says Lawyer

Time icon 27 January 2016 | Person icon James Skinner

Top worries for Britons as they age: losing eyesight, memory and mobility - Relatives skimp on care in absence of clear instructions

Care Home and Third Party Top Up Fees Often Charged Incorrectly

Time icon 12 October 2015 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Been asked to pay third party top up fees because a care home is too expensive and the Local Authority won’t meet the cost of care for an elderly relative?

The Election 2015: What Lies Ahead for the Elderly After May 7th?

Time icon 6 May 2015 | Person icon James Skinner

What Lies Ahead for the Elderly After May 7. A recent YouGov poll revealed a staggering 93% of voters over 55 intended to vote in the upcoming election.

New Care Act will see Thousands of Elderly People Lose Out on Funding

Time icon 7 July 2014 | Person icon James Skinner

The Care Act 2014 looks set to leave the majority of older people to shell out privately for care that should be provided by local authorities.

The Care Bill 2014 – Is it a Step in the Right Direction?

Time icon 23 June 2014 | Person icon James Skinner

For years, the care legislation in this country has made it difficult for people to understand when they should be paying for their care.

Care homes worse than prisons?

Time icon 10 February 2014 | Person icon Janet Cooper

With the Care Bill still being debated, the outlook for residential care is still to be decided.

600 claims still await care homes fee recovery In North Yorkshire alone

Time icon 4 February 2014 | Person icon Janet Cooper

The NHS has apologised over major delays processing claims seeking to recover care home fees that should have been met by the NHS.

Put the tea in dignity

Time icon 3 February 2014 | Person icon Janet Cooper

It was 'Dignity in Care' day on Saturday 1st February, part of a worldwide action day.

Red tape delays could force huge care bills on public

Time icon 4 September 2013 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Failings by the NHS could lead to the wastage of millions in tax payer’s money following claim assessment delays related to incorrectly charged care fees

Row over Care Home Fees as NHS Chiefs face £100million bill

Time icon 26 June 2013 | Person icon Janet Cooper

Lengthy process of filtering through approximately 60,000 applications begins as thousands try to reclaim NHS Continuing Healthcare costs dating back years

Care homes in Wales to receive quality review

Time icon 30 May 2013 | Person icon Janet Cooper

New initiative to canvass older care home residents about the quality of their care has been welcomed by the Care and Social Services Inspectorate

"Scandal" of people selling homes to fund cost of care must end, says Hunt

Time icon 14 February 2013 | Person icon Janet Cooper

40,000 people each year forced to sell their homes to fund "unlimited" costs of care, the Department of Health has commended...

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