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We all know it’s important to make a Will. Yet 70% of us haven’t yet done so. This can lead to unforeseen difficulties and distress to loved ones when we’re gone.

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Why should you make a Will?

  • Making a will gives you control over what happens to your property after you die
  • To die without making a will is called "intestacy". If this happens, strict legal rules apply which decides the distribution of your property
    • Often this may not reflect how you would like things done
    • If you are married and have children, for instance, financial limits apply on how much your husband or wife can receive. It could mean that they retain the family home, but do not receive sufficient funds to afford to live there
    • If you are unmarried and have a partner the intestacy rules will not recognise that partnership

How much would making a Will cost?

Whether you want to make a Will from scratch or use our Property Protection Will Service, we can provide a range of fixed fee options to suit your needs. You can find out more about what is included in each service by visiting our Private Client Legal Costs section.

Case Example

Providing for your family in the future

We provide advice every day to clients about making Wills. Sometimes this discussion is more difficult than at other times. An elderly lady approached our solicitors after she had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. She had a large family and wanted to leave a little to everyone. We gave advice on ensuring her disabled son was properly provided for whilst ensuring the rest of the family and particularly her grandchildren each had a small legacy.

We had several delicate conversations with the client and then quickly produced a Will which was easy to understand and which gave her complete peace of mind.

Specialist Wills Solicitors

It is essential to have a Will drafted properly by a qualified specialist.

At Simpson Millar LLP we understand that making a Will can sometimes be daunting or difficult to talk about and that it’s easy to put it off until tomorrow.

So to help you plan for the future we provide:

  • A fast and straightforward service
  • Everything in plain English
  • A Will to suit your own individual circumstances
  • A price to suit your pocket

Did you Know?

Homeowners can avoid care home fees PDF file by making suitable arrangements in a Will. Our Wills Solicitors can advise how.

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