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Setting up a Trust

Setting up a Trust can ensure financial protection for a loved one with special needs such as a disability or for generations to come. We can help you chose the right trust for your circumstances.

Trusts are used in a variety of different ways and to provide solutions for preserving money or property for you and your family.

Examples of the Types of Trusts are:

  • Declaration of Trust to regulate ownership of a house
  • Will Trust appointing your Trustees to look after your estate until your children are old enough to inherit
  • A Trust for a disabled child that will carry on throughout their life
  • Discretionary Trusts which protect family wealth for generations while also providing for family members
  • Personal Injury Trusts that will preserve your compensation and still enable you to receive benefits

For further information on trusts read our guide. PDF file

Trust Specialists

Trusts are a complex and technical area of law. Taxation issues often need to be considered and it is essential that professional advice is obtained. At Simpson Millar LLP our specialist Team of solicitors will assist by:

  • Bringing with them the right qualifications and expertise for the job
  • Identifying the most appropriate legal solution for your needs
  • Providing clear explanations in plain English
  • Producing comprehensive Trust deeds in a language you can follow

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