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We understand the pain that surviving family members go through when someone dies. Our Probate Solicitors can offer you a friendly and approachable service to assist you with ALL aspects following bereavement.

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Probate can be straightforward for some families and full of complexity and dispute for others. Our Probate Solicitors will only provide the service that you need during this difficult time.

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So, for small estates we offer fixed fees and we’ll do as much or as little of the administration as you need. This will usually include obtaining probate and distributing the estate but we will also return passports to the passport office, deal with house clearance, house insurance and utility bills, check for missing assets or policies and protect the estate against unknown creditors.

Where matters are more complex or contentious then our specialist Probate Solicitors will provide comprehensive advice, deal with all Inheritance Tax, Income Tax and Capital Gains Tax matters, prepare full estate accounts and correspond with all beneficiaries.

For further information on probate read our guide. PDF file

How much would help cost?

We offer a 3 tiered pricing structure for probate work so you can see which tier applies to your circumstances and what is included for that price. You can find out more about what is included in each of these tiered services by visiting our Private Client Legal Costs section.

Case Example

Lending a helping hand to a daughter after the loss of her father

We were contacted by Miss P when her father died. As the only child everything fell to her but she had not seen her father for many years and did not feel able to make arrangements herself. We liaised with the local council as to funeral arrangements, and went to collect Mr P’s belongings from his council flat. We obtained probate to pay all outstanding bills from Mr P’s account and passed the small amount of savings and pension left to Miss P. We kept our costs proportionate to the size of the estate and at the same time made an emotionally difficult time a little easier for Miss P.

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