Accident Scene

Steps to follow if you have just had an accident

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It is very important to obtain as much information as you can at the scene of your accident.

  • Find out the name and contact details of the person who you think is responsible for your accident (eg if you are involved in a road traffic accident obtain the vehicle registration number and insurance company details)
  • Report your accident immediately eg if at work ensure the details are entered into the accident book and report it to your supervisor/manager and union representative
  • Tripping/Slipping accidents - If on duty report the accident as soon as possible. If off-duty report the accident to the manager/supervisor of the business to ensure it is entered into their accident book
  • Witnesses - If there were witnesses to your accident try to obtain as much information as possible eg names, addresses and contact numbers. Even if they did not witness the actual accident, but witnessed the aftermath they may be useful to your claim, eg At work, they may be a witness to defective equipment you were using or previously complained about congestion or rubbish on the floor prior to your accident occurring
  • Photographs - Take photographs of the accident location and of the injuries you have sustained if appropriate. It can also be useful to draw a sketch of the accident scene
  • Medical Assistance - Attend your GP or hospital and let them know exactly what and how your accident happened. It is important that the circumstances of your accident are noted in your medical records to ensure no difficulties are encountered down the line in terms of how your accident occurred and what injuries you sustained
  • For accidents on duty - report your accident to the Benefits Agency (you may be entitled to Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit)

Information Gathering

Further information on what type of information to gather following a specific type of accident can be found here.

Accident compensation

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