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Accidents at work

  • In cases where it is believed an overweight item caused an injury it is essential that the item is weighed immediately and a receipt/document printed to show the actual weight
  • Your accident must be recorded in the accident book
  • Were there any witnesses to the actual event or aftermath? Obtain their names and contact details
  • Do you believe your training was inadequate to the task you were expected to carry out? Are you able to obtain any witness evidence to support this?
  • Are there any other employees who have been involved in similar accidents prior to your accident occurring?
  • Had there been any previous complaints made?
  • If the cause of the accident was defective equipment or say tripping as a result of a hazard can photographic evidence be obtained?

Public Liability Claims

Highway Tripping Claims
  • Photographs must be taken as soon as possible of the defect and surrounding area. You will need to also confirm the date the photographs were taken and confirmation of your direction of travel when your accident occurred
  • It is essential that measurements of the defect are shown in the photographs using a tape measure or ruler and a small level as appropriate to show the height of the defect at the point you tripped and also measure the width
  • Draft a sketch plan of the area
  • Ensure you are able to confirm the street name and locality of where your accident occurred
  • If on duty – report accident to work and record it in the accident book
  • Report to the local council if you believe it to be council land or to the owner/occupier
  • Can witness evidence be obtained to confirm how long the defect had been there prior to your accident occurring?
  • Are you aware of any previous similar accidents or complaints regarding the defect?
Occupier’s Liability Claims
  • If the accident occurred within a supermarket for example, report to the manager/supervisor there and ensure your accident is recorded in their accident book
  • It is essential that details of cause of fall/slip are known e.g. if you slipped in a supermarket what substance was on the floor that actually caused you to slip?
  • Can you provide contact details for witnesses to your fall and/or the spillage?

Dog Bite Claims

  • Take photographs of injuries sustained if appropriate
  • Are you aware of any previous attacks involving the same dog prior to your incident?
  • Can you obtain witness evidence to confirm dog’s potential vicious tendencies; and this being known to the owner prior to the incident occurring?
  • If on duty – report your accident to work and ensure it is recorded in the accident book

Criminal Injuries

  • Report to the police immediately and obtain crime reference number
  • Provide photographs of the injuries sustained if possible
  • Were there any witnesses? Obtain their contact details
  • If on duty – report to work and record in the accident book

Road Traffic Accident Claims

  • You will need to provide confirmation of the accident location; name of road and locality etc
  • It is essential you obtain the other party’s name and address and their vehicle registration and model and their full insurance details
  • If the other party’s vehicle appears to be a company vehicle with their name displayed on it, take full details of this
  • If on duty report your accident to work and ensure it is entered in the accident book
  • Obtain the names and contact numbers of any witnesses to the accident

Holiday Claims

  • Report your accident to the Travel Representative and to the Hotel
  • Ensure that the accident book is completed and you obtain a copy of it immediately
  • Take photographs and if possible video footage of the defect or equipment that may have lead to your accident
  • Obtain contact details of any witnesses who either witnessed your accident or how may have been aware of the defect causative of your accident

Accident compensation

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