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As with our other trade union clients, we aim to provide legal advice and assistance to the British Air Line Pilots Association (“BALPA”) and its membership.

Employment law

The services that we provide to BALPA members includes expert advice and representation in respect of all employment law claims including:

  • redundancy
  • holiday pay
  • discrimination, particularly age discrimination
  • breach of contract
Airplane pilots

In addition to pure employment law we also advise upon and assist with members issues which are ancillary to your employment such as submissions to the Department of Transport seeking Certificates of Disregard for unspent criminal convictions.

On a collective level, we advise BALPA on a wide range of matters including:

  • collective agreements
  • consultation on redundancies and TUPE transfers

We also provide training and seminars for BALPA representatives and officials.

If you are a BALPA member and you require employment law advice, then you should contact BALPA in the first instance on 020 8476 4000.

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