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If you’ve had problems with damp or mould since your cavity wall insulation installation, this could mean that it was not done correctly or that your home is unsuitable for this type of insulation and you could get compensation.

We're currently helping people in the Preston area. 

The installer is responsible for making sure that your home is suitable for cavity wall insulation beforehand and installing it correctly. If not, and it’s caused damage to your property or health, it’s important that you get the issues put right and that you are compensated.

We're offering a free assessment even if you're already in a funding agreement with another law firm or claims company to see if we can take on your claim at no additional cost to you. 

For a free assessment to see if you can claim compensation get in touch with our Cavity Wall Insulation Claims Solicitors. We deal with most claims on a No Win, No Fee basis – ask us for details.


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How does it work and how can you get help?

There was a government scheme that ran to help pay for cavity wall installation to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and cut down on heating bills. Many people decided to get cavity wall insulation installed as a result.

In some cases a couple of weeks after the cavity wall insulation was installed, people realised that they hadn’t noticed any difference in temperature in their house. A few years later people started to notice mould appearing on the wall and could smell damp from the walls.

If you get in touch with our Cavity Wall Installation Solicitors we could help get help to solve this issue.

  • Usually we ask for photographs of the mould and can arrange for a full inspection of the property. Once we have the report this will identify the damage and the costs of repair.
  • We will send a letter of claim to the installation company along with the full inspection report. The installer will normally carry out their own inspection of the property. In many cases the installer would agree to settle.
  • Depending on the damage you could expect to receive anything from a few thousand pounds up to tens of thousands in compensation if the damage is extensive. We take these cases on a No Win, No Fee which will be fully explained to you.

Can I Claim Compensation for Cavity Wall Insulation?

Yes, if your installation company is still trading, they’re responsible for any problems with your cavity wall and they must put them right. And the long-term damage of the cavity wall should also be considered.

Our Cavity Wall Claims Solicitors can help claim compensation for:

  • Damage to your belongings, furniture and property
  • Redecoration
  • Removal of the cavity wall insulation and a replacement if appropriate
  • Any reduction in your property’s value as a result

Every situation is different, so the amount of compensation will depend on how serious the damage is. We’ll complete a full assessment of your cavity wall insulation claim and give you expert legal advice tailored to your circumstances.

If you already started a cavity wall insulation claim with another Solicitor which was abandoned then we may be able to assist, see Abandoned Cavity Wall Insulation Claims.

How Much Does a Cavity Wall Insulation Claim Cost?

We usually deal with cavity wall insulation claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. This means you won’t pay anything upfront, and only pay your legal fees if you win your claim. The other side will pay some of your legal costs and you’ll pay the rest from your compensation. Just ask us for more information.

Time Limit to Make a Cavity Wall Insulation Claim

There’s usually a 6 year time limit from the date of the installation of the cavity wall insulation to make a claim for compensation, but this time limit can be extended in some circumstances.

As long as it’s not more than 14 years since the installation, we could still help you with your claim.

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