Motorbike Accident Compensation

Claiming for Injuries and Damage caused to your Motorbike

Have you been injured in a motorbike accident?

Motorbike accidents form one of the most specialist type of vehicle accident. Our road traffic accident experts have detailed knowledge and experience of dealing with the area of law related to a motorbike accident.

Motorbike on a Road - Example of Road Accident Injury Claim

Our Motorbike Accident Compensation Team will help you recover:

  • compensation for personal injuries to you or your pillion rider
  • loss of earnings
  • arrange an engineers inspection
  • assist with the repairs to your motorcycle by a specialist repairer along with compensating you for the damage to your bike and your personal safety equipment (eg crash helmet, gloves, boots and leathers)
  • compensation for pain and suffering caused by the incident
  • expenses incurred as a result of the incident (eg medication, taxis etc)
  • insurance policy excess
  • recover compensation for care and assistance provided by your relatives if you suffered a personal injury
  • assist with modifications to your home if your injury causes disability
  • arrange physiotherapy and a range of other rehabilitative treatments

Motorbike accidents - Did you know?

  • Motorbikes represent only 1% of all the vehicles on the roads
  • Motorbikes are involved in a staggering 19% of all accidents

Hazards on the road

Motorbikes are far more vulnerable to any kind of pot holes in the road or diesel spillages because in comparison to the kind of protection a 4-wheeled vehicle can provide a motorcyclist has to be much more aware and careful. Consequently, motorcyclists suffer far more serious injuries during an incident of any variety, but especially those of a more serious nature eg head injuries, spinal injuries and broken bones.

Personal injury

Due to the severity and frequency of the injuries suffered by motorcyclists, these types of personal injury cases have become a particular area of expertise, we have acted for many motorbike accident victims in catastrophic injury cases involving multi million pound claims for compensation. membership for bikers and their motorcycles


Bike Devil Members

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Motorbike accident compensation claims

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