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We have 3 affordable options for your to get a Will drafted all with the peace of mind that it has been checked by an experienced, qualified and regulated Solicitor. 

You can choose from a simple Online Will, checked by one of our specialist Wills Solicitors, to our Full Service Will, where one of our expert Wills Solicitors will spend time with you, discuss your specific needs and then write your Will for you.

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Online Checked Superior Will 

You'll complete your Will online. Once you've input all the information needed, our specialist Wills Writers will check your Will for you so there are no mistakes.

It's quick and easy to do and great value. 

A Checked Superior Will costs just £99 (VAT Included) and £135 (VAT Included) for Mirror Wills.


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Online Advised Will 

You'll complete a questionnaire online, which will give us most of the information we need to write your Will. Once you've completed this, you'll book a virtual appointment, lasting up to an hour, with one of our Wills Solicitors. 

This appointment gives us the chance to ask you any questions we have about your Will and you have the benefit of specialist legal advice about your Will.

An Online Advised Will costs just £149 (VAT Included) for a Single Will, £235 (VAT Included) for Mirror Wills and £350 for a Trust Will.

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Solicitor Drafted Will (Offline Premium Service)

If you want a Solicitor to draft your Will we can help you. Your Wills Solicitor will take all the information they need from you during an appointment over the phone or face to face and give you advice on the type of Will that best suits you. 

They'll write your Will, and send you the first version for checking. They can make any necessary amendments once you've reviewed it. 

Once your happy, they'll send you out the original, along with instructions on how to get it signed and witnessed and then store it for you for free in secure storage, safe from loss and damage. 

Our Full Service Will costs just £249 (VAT Included), £399 (VAT Included) for Mirror Wills (VAT Included) and £499 for a Trust Will.

For more information visit our Solicitor Drafted Wills page or call one of our specialist Wills Solicitor.

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