Sports Injury Compensation Claims

Accidents Caused by Faulty Sports Equipment

In the ever-expanding age of social activities there is greater likelihood that you could suffer a sports injury.

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Sports Law has evolved considerably in the course of the last 30 years and in the last 10 years, Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors have dealt with many compensation claims involving:

  • players against other players
  • organisers of sporting events
  • owners of sports grounds, and even
  • match officials
  • medical professionals (ie failure to treat or diagnose)

Common sports that can cause injury:

  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Horse Riding
  • Boxing

The above list is merely an example as any sport can be dangerous.

Although the law has developed and does on occasions allow injured parties to bring claims, difficulties still arise when pursuing a claim arising out of an injury sustained while playing sport.

Common injuries caused by sports:

  • head injuries
  • Broken bones
  • Soft tissue damage to muscles and ligaments

How to make a sports injury compensation claim:

To bring a successful sports injury claim you will need:

  • direct witness evidence from other people involved in the game to prove negligence of another player, an organisation or a referee. In many cases, solicitors only receive instructions many months after an accident

Watching a sport is also dangerous and instances exist where spectators have brought and can bring claims against primarily either the organisers of a sporting event or the owners of a stadium.

Case Examples

Protruding screw causes football player injury

We acted for a client who sustained an injury following a game of football in a Sports Hall. Whilst playing in the position of goalkeeper he made a sliding tackle to stop the ball and as he slid across the goalpost anchor plate a protruding screw injured his left leg just below the knee. His injury was a large flap wound which had to be cleaned and sutured at the local hospital. The injured area caused pain and discomfort for a number of weeks and immediately post-accident his domestic, social and sporting activities were affected. We pursued this claim under the Occupier's Liability Act 1957.

Goal net causes tripping hazard

We recently acted for a client who sustained a sports injury following a tripping incident during a football match. He ran across the goal line and his right foot became caught in the net which was loose on the goal line. The net had not been correctly pegged back in place. He fell forward striking his knee on the post. He was taken to Hospital and received pain relief. Since the accident he has had to return to his GP on several occasions due to pain and discomfort. He is receiving physiotherapy and has had to change job roles in order to keep working. We pursued a claim against the relevant Football Association who are responsible for the referee who failed to ensure the pitch was safe before the start of the game and the local authority for a failure to maintain and check the pitches before the game . The case was listed for trial and settled. Our client received £6250 in damages.

Screw in goalpost causes injury to child

We have recently acted on behalf of a child who was playing in goal at a football training session. During the game he made a sliding tackle to stop the ball and slid across a goalpost anchor plate which had a protruding screw. This caused a large laceration to his left leg just below the knee. He was taken to hospital where the wound was cleaned, stitches were inserted and he was provided with a course of antibiotics. He continued to suffer pain with the scar on his knee for a number of weeks after the accident. Although he has made a good recovery he wears a knee brace when playing football on Astroturf for training during the winter months. Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors secured him in the region of £5,000 in compensation.

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