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What is Personal Injury?

Polish Personal Injury Solicitors

In a loose translation Personal Injury means krzywda osobista. The injury can be less serious such as a broken finger or more tragic like loss of sight or death. Accidents often occur at work, due to electric shocks, faulty machinery, dog bites, car accidents or medicine side effects.

Who can claim compensation?

Anyone who in the last 3 years was injured in an accident in England or Wales which was not his fault.

Polish Personal Injury claims

How much might I get?

The amount of compensation is dependant on the type of injury, its effects and its financial consequences. Compensation varies from £3,650 for a broken arm to £30,000 for loss of sight in one eye. In addition compensation will be awarded for loss of earnings and expenses.

How much will it cost me?

Nothing. If we win our costs will be paid by the other side’s insurer. If we lose the costs will be covered by legal insurance and you won’t pay a penny.

What if the accident was caused by my employer?

The law requires that employers are insured against civil liability. Compensation is paid out by the insurer, the employers are not directly involved in the process. Most compensated workers return to their employment.

Can I claim compensation if I was working illegally?

Yes, although in such cases the amount of compensation may be reduced.

What if I was treated in Poland?

The place of treatment is irrelevant.

What are the chances of compensation?

We will consider each individual case free on 0800 634 1630

Will I have to go to court?

Disputes are usually solved by way of negotiation. In the unlikely case that you will have to go to court, you will be entitled to an interpreter.

I call you, what next?

The aim of the free line is to establish your situation and options.

For further information please visit: http://www.pogotowieprawne.co.uk

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