Dog Bite Compensation Claims

Have you been Bitten by a Dog?

You could be entitled to compensation

Every year dogs attack 210,000 people in the UK including 4,000 postal workers (Defra April 2012). Whilst they make loyal pets they can have the potential to become aggressive. Anyone who has been bitten knows its an extremely unpleasant experience for both the victim and their family. Unfortunately you do not have an automatic right to compensation and these claims are not easy to make, luckily at Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors we have a proven track record of pursuing successful dog bite claims.

Beware of Dog Bites/Attacks - Injury Claims Example

If you or your child have been bitten by a dog we can help you make a dog bite claim for personal injury compensation.

Dog bite compensation

What can I claim for?

  • Damages for pain, suffering and loss of amenity this includes damages for the physical injury, the scar, and any psychiatric injury
  • Lost income
  • Damage to property eg. Damaged clothing, damaged spectacles etc
  • Damages for care and assistance provided by your friends and family
  • Medication costs
  • Prescription charges
  • Travelling expenses
  • Cost of having a skin graft or plastic surgery
  • Other losses occurred as a direct result of the accident

Making a dog bite compensation claim

If you think you might have a personal injury claim for compensation arising from a dog bite which occurred in the last 3 years then we can help. Our experienced, professional solicitors, promise to deal with your dog bite claim as quickly as possible. We understand the trauma a victim endures after being bitten and on that basis, you will receive from us a sympathetic and friendly response.

What you need to do:

  • Report the incident to the Police. You may not be the first victim. NB: Remember to get the crime/accident reference number
  • Identify the owner and provide the address
  • Obtain the contact details of all witnesses
  • Obtain photographs of the injury/scarring as soon as possible
  • Find out if the animal has attacked anyone else
  • Keep a note and receipts of all your expenses such as:
    • Travelling expenses to and from the hospital /GP
    • Prescription charges
    • Over the counter medication
    • Loss of earnings
    • Any other losses you may have incurred as a direct result of the dog bite
  • Contact the local dog warden
  • If the accident occurred whilst in the course of your employment make sure you report the accident to your manager and complete an accident on duty form

Our Dog Bite Compensation Team will then:

  • contact the animal's owner and their insurers
  • contact the police for the police report
  • establish if the owner is being prosecuted
  • contact the witnesses and investigate your claim
  • decide if your claim is arguable and contact your employers to quantify your loss of earnings claim and arrange your medical examination
  • advise you on whether to issue Court Proceedings
  • take the stress and strain away from you

If your claim is arguable then we will take your case on a “no win no fee” basis

Our commitment

Our dog bite claims solicitors will:

  • do our best to recover damages for you and progress your claim as quickly as we can
  • keep you informed of developments
  • look after you and if we consider your claim is difficult to prove then we will tell you so
  • contact you within 24 hours of your call or your email. If we agree to take your case you will receive written confirmation within 7 days
  • act on a no win no fee basis


As a rule, if there is a history of aggressive behaviour or the animal is dangerous then the owner is often liable for failing to safeguard members of the public and for failing to control the animal.

Most sensible dog owners will either have Pet insurance or Home insurance to pay compensation. If so, the negligent owner's insurers will pay the damages. If you were attacked in a public space for example you could claim compensation from the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority providing you satisfy certain conditions.


UK law for compensation for personal injury arising from a dog attack is governed under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 or the Dogs Act 1871 (see:

It is also possible to claim under the Occupiers Liability Act 1957/1984.

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