Taxi Licensing Disputes

For a taxi driver, their licence is their life and any threat to that should be defended. If you think your local authority has wrongly revoked, suspended, or refused your licence you should get legal advice.

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Don't All Local Authorities Have the Same Rules?

Simply put, no. Each Local Authority has the right to issue, revoke, suspend and refuse a taxi licence as they see fit. In most cases it comes down to them deciding whether you are "fit and proper" to hold a licence. This as a standard is quite arbitrary and could mean a range of many different factors can be taken into account. This can make it difficult to determine what needs to be done by you to get your licence back.

It is a highly specialised area of law due to the tight regulations holding the UK industry together. It can seem like there's no help in sight if you are caught in a tricky situation but the law is here to help.

What We Can Do To Help

We can help you in drafting a notice appeal to help you get your licence back that has been revoked or refused. There may be a situation in which you received a criminal conviction which was brought to the attention of the Licensing Committee at your Local Council. In this scenario, we would advise you to call us straight away, as the most successful cases are those that are fought from the onset.

If there is a disciplinary hearing, you'll need representation. Going into the process alone may seem cost effective at the beginning but, leaving without your licence could mean a serious hit on your livelihood.

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If you become ill or develop a disability, the Licensing Committee may decide to refuse you a licence or take the one that you already have. These types of cases can be particularly difficult because medical evidence will need to be collected to refute any reservations they have.

There are strict time limits to appeal against the refusal, suspension or revocation of a taxi licence and if you leave it too late your appeal could be automatically rejected. In addition to this, being out of work for long periods of time is never ideal, so seeing a solicitor as soon as possible is the first step to getting back to work.

Protect your livelihood and contact us today if you feel that your taxi licence is in trouble.


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