"Road Rage" Motoring Offences

Getting stuck in traffic in the morning, being undertaken on the motorway and other driver's making unhelpful parking decisions can all lead to road rage. Day to day struggles and stress can sometimes affect your reactions on the road, but the courts have made it absolutely clear - road rage is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Road Rage Offences

What is Road Rage?

If you are accused of road rage, most likely you will be charged with common assault. A maximum prison sentence of 6 months is given for common assault or battery, the least serious of violence allegations.

If the injuries received by the other motorist are allegedly more severe, then a charge of actual bodily harm (ABH) will be brought against you. This carries a maximum custodial sentence of 6 months at a Magistrates' Court and a maximum sentence of 12 months if more than one ABH is alleged. If the Magistrates' Court or you, feel it is more appropriate for the Crown Court to deal with your case, you could be facing up to 5 years in prison.

Depending on what you are charged with there are a number of defences to your case. If you were defending yourself at the time of the alleged offence, your solicitor will be able to put forward an argument of self-defence. Speaking to a solicitor as soon as possible will give them enough time to listen to your circumstances and determine which defence would work best for you.

There may be some cases where the Crown Prosecution Service will charge the driver with dangerous driving instead of road rage. For this to be the case, the standard of driving displayed would have had to fall far below that which is expected of a careful and competent driver, with it being obvious that this behaviour would be dangerous.

If you take a life because of your driving, most likely you will be prosecuted for causing death by dangerous driving instead of the initial road rage offence. However, when a vehicle has been deliberately used as a weapon and has caused injury a prosecution for dangerous driving is more usual.

Legal advice now

The possible convictions that can be obtained on the back of a road rage offence are wide ranging and complex. Getting legal advice at the earliest possible time will give your solicitor the maximum time to put your case together and defend you in the best possible way.

Road rage is serious in its own right but driving dangerously or taking a life are much more serious offences. If your case involves road rage contact us immediately, as early advice and police station representation can dramatically affect the outcome of your case.


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