Professional Legal Advice For Operator's Licence Applications

Operator's Licence applications can be an intimidating prospect. Whether you are applying for a new licence, need a variation on an existing license or want a renewal, any issue that arises could have a damaging effect on your chances of success.

Consulting a professional solicitor with a comprehensive understanding of road transport law and operator's licence applications, can mean the difference between a favourable outcome and one that puts your future business prospects and livelihood in jeopardy.

Simpson Millar's Haulage and Road Transport Law team can advise you on all aspects of operator's licences and the legal process involved, providing the guidance that ensures your application goes smoothly.

We will:

  • Offer informed legal advice to ensure the application process goes without a hitch
  • Provide expert insight on any issues that may adversely affect you application
  • Ensure your application is submitted complete and error free
  • Provide additional support if you are required to attend a Public Inquiry as a result of your application (see Traffic Commissioner's Public Inquiry).
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What Is The Application Process?

The application process can be an overwhelming one for both first-time applicants and seasoned operators alike. This is mainly due to the often complex nature of it.

Ensuring you obtain the right operator's licence is the first consideration, as failure to hold a licence corresponding to your business requirements carries a maximum fine of £5,000.

The options are as follows:

  • Restricted Operator's Licence – Required if you are transporting your own goods throughout the UK and European Community
  • Standard National Operator's Licence – Enabling you to transport your own goods within the UK and throughout the European Community, as well as transport somebody else's goods within the UK only
  • Standard International Operator's Licence – Allows you to transport your own and anybody else's goods throughout the UK and internationally. An additional Community Licence is required if carrying other people's goods in or across EU countries.

What Factors Can Affect My Operator's Licence Application?

Operator's Licence applications are managed by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), which acts on behalf of the UK's Traffic Commissioners. There are a number of factors that will be taken into consideration if you are applying for an Operator's Licence. These include:

  • Financial status – The financial standing of any applicant for an Operator's Licence is taken extremely seriously. You must be able to show you have the financial resources required to realistically operate the amount of vehicles your application intends to support.
  • Criminal convictions – Any conviction that is not classed as spent must be declared during the application process. This may have an effect on the DVSA's decision when issuing an Operator's Licence. It will also be a contributing factor in the agency's appraisal of your overall fitness to hold a licence.
  • Previous history – If you are applying for a variation on an existing Operator's Licence, your previous history as a licence holder, including applications, refusals and other elements that may have a bearing upon a decision, will be taken into account. Full disclosure, along with your reasoning for there having been an issue, will be necessary to ensure the application process remains on track.
  • Operating centre – The existence of a legitimate operating centre with a reputable, CPC-holding Transport Manager. The centre must have the relevant planning permissions, be of an appropriate size with the necessary access and not infringe any environmental legislation. A Transport Manager will be required if applying for any licence other than a Restricted Operator's Licence.

Why Choose Simpson Millar For My Operator's Licence Application?

Simpson Millar has a specialist Haulage and Road Transport Law department, whose combination of expertise and experience makes us the go-to team when it comes to Operator's Licence applications.

Our extensive knowledge of road transport law will ensure you receive the highest quality legal advice, as we walk you through the application process, ensuring all the appropriate information is communicated clearly and every key deciding factor is addressed. We will also provide informed guidance on any adverse issues likely to affect your application, giving you the best chance of successfully obtaining your licence.

How Do I Get Advice For My Operator's Licence Application?

To ensure your application for an Operator's Licence is filled out correctly and in its entirety, avoiding the threat of a Public Inquiry due to mistakes or incompletion, you should obtain professional help from the experts.

Contact Simpson Millar and speak with one of our specialist Haulage and Road Transport Solicitors today.

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