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From the age of 17 you're free to learn how to drive, whilst the average age for passing is approximately 23 according to GOV.UK.

Bearing this in mind, every new driver whether they are young or old are subject to restrictions. If these restrictions are violated, you could have your licence taken from you by the DVLA. When faced with this prospect, you should seek legal advice to see if there is any way you can save your licence.

New or Young Driver

The Law and New Drivers

In every instance in which there is a risk of gaining penalty points on your driving licence, it's worth contacting a solicitor for expert advice.

Currently, there is a probation period of 2 years from the time you gain your licence. This means that within the 2 years following your pass, if you gain 6 points or more, you could have your licence revoked. In the event that this happens, you will need to reapply for your provisional licence and take your theory and practical test again. A revocation is different to a disqualification. Revocation means you can continue to drive under the terms of a provisional licence, a disqualification means you cannot drive at all.

The 2 year probation period also applies to drivers from outside of the EU, who exchange their entitlement to a driving licence for a UK provisional licence.

Even after you successfully retake your test, your driving licence will retain the 6 points you gained previously. Whilst revocation under the new driver legislation can only happen once you could be at risk of falling foul of a 'totting up' scenario in the future. Totting up would occur if you received a further 6 points within 3 years of the first offence. In these circumstances you will be disqualified from driving unless exceptional hardship is found by the sentencing Court.

What we can do for you

There may be many instances in which a solicitor can help you to retain your licence and prevent revocation if you're a new driver at risk of reaching 6 points or disqualification if you already have 6 points or more.

In most situations, there may be mitigating circumstances that you can rely on to lessen the blow of an offence. The law is the law but, sometimes there are circumstances in which being without a vehicle can have a detrimental effect on your life.

It is the role of your solicitor to work within your best interests, in order to help you keep your driving licence for years to come. In some cases, a defence could mean that the penalty of revocation or disqualification may be foregone but this all depends on the argument you make on the day and the person you employ to make that argument.

Choosing a solicitor who's experienced in motoring offences is the best possible action you can take. Don’t just accept a revocation or a disqualification, fight your case.


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