Motoring Offence Fees

Defending a Motoring Offence – What does it cost?

You can fund your defence in several ways, by benefiting from our transparent fee structures. Even where we're unable to do work for a fixed fee, we offer an hourly rate and accurate estimates for certain types of case.

Motoring Offence Solicitors - set fees available


All prices include VAT

The fees for the following types of trials are estimates, and are inclusive of VAT but exclusive of expenses, such as court application fees and expert witness or barrister's fees:

Driving Offence Fee
Drink driving£3,600 - £6,000
Driving without due care£2,400 - £3,600
Using a mobile phone£2,400
Dangerous driving (Magistrates Court)£3,600 - £6,000
Dangerous driving (Crown Court)£6,000 - £12,000

An estimate for any other driving cases not listed above can be provided free of charge upon request.


When entering a plea at the Magistrates Court , this can be dealt with on a fixed-fee basis, meaning you know exactly what you will pay:

Plea Fee (1 Hearing) Fee (2 Hearings)
Guilty plea£1,200£1,800
Exceptional hardship£1,200£1,800

Plea Fee
Special Reasons£2,100

Find out more about our legal costs here.

In some cases there may be a requirement for experts or other evidence to aid your case, and in these circumstances there will be additional fees.

Private Paying – Hourly Rate

The hourly rate for assistance from Head of Motoring Offences, Julie Robertson, is £300 an hour. Quite often, many people who approach us would just like one or two hours to get some advice on where they stand, and help them prepare their own defence, depending on the severity of their case, and the risk to them.

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