Inconsiderate Driving Offences

Whilst the penalty for inconsiderate driving varies greatly on the circumstances, the offence can still lead to a "totting up" scenario, with the eventual loss of your licence.

Inconsiderate Driving Upsets Other Drivers

What is inconsiderate driving?

Inconsiderate driving not only affects other road users, it affects pedestrians as well. Driving without reasonable consideration for other people is an offence and the penalty for this varies according to the inconsiderate act. Splashing pedestrians when driving through puddles, "tailgating", performing harmful manoeuvres like pulling in front of cars causing them to brake, and lane hogging on the motorway are all considered acts of inconsiderate driving.

The offence, inconsiderate driving can in some circumstances turn into dangerous driving, but the police often make mistakes in gathering evidence to support their case. Seeking legal advice as early as possible can stop a summons or potential disqualification in its tracks.

The penalty for inconsiderate driving is much like that of careless driving, 3 to 9 penalty points with the maximum penalty being a £5000 fine and a discretionary disqualification decided by the Magistrates' Court.

Due to the disqualification being discretionary, seeking legal advice as soon as possible can make all the difference when putting your case forward on the day.

What we can do for you

Gathering evidence on the offence of inconsiderate driving can be difficult and often results in mistakes been made by the police. Where they do gather such evidence to prove their case, there is always scope for your solicitor to negotiate on your behalf and present the best argument in your defence.

In situations where people do not seek legal advice, if found guilty, it can lead to "totting up", a scenario in which you amass 12 points on your licence and are at risk of receiving a ban. In most cases, this can be avoided if you seek specialist legal advice.

Speak to a motoring offences solicitor as soon as possible so you can prepare the best possible offence given your circumstances.


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