Law Services For Haulage and Road Transport Industries

If you find yourself confused or compromised by road transport law, Simpson Millar is here to help. With an expertise gained from helping both businesses and individual drivers at risk of losing their licences, we can offer high quality legal advice and representation that keeps you on the road.

Who Do We Help?

Our team of road transport solicitors have a deep understanding of the laws and regulations that the haulage and road transport industry adhere to. This level of knowhow allows us to offer a solid defence if you are required to attend a Traffic Commissioner Public Inquiry, or are facing prosecution from the either police or Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA).

We offer professional and effective legal services to all sections of the road haulage and commercial passenger vehicle industries, including:

  • Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) operators
  • Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) operators
  • Public Service Vehicle (PSV) operators
  • Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) holders
  • HGV, LGV, PSV and PCV drivers.

Road Transport Law Solicitors

Our team of road transport law solicitors act on behalf of a wide range of clients from various areas of industry and commerce, offering professional legal advice and expert legal representation.

We can help you in cases relating to:

  • Public Inquiry - Providing legal support for Traffic commissioner hearings where an objection to the granting of a licence has been made, or it is alleged that you have broken the terms of your operating licence
  • Tachograph offences - Defending you against accusations of failing to abide by drivers' hours regulations, failing to use a functioning tachograph system or falsifying records of driving hours
  • Operator Licence applications – Ensuring your application for a goods vehicle operator's licence (standard national, standard international etc.), or Public Service Vehicle operator licence (standard and restricted) are complete and filled out correctly
  • DVSA visits – Providing you with legal support in the event of a DVSA visit or inspection
  • Cabotage – Ensuring adherence to EU law regarding the carriage of goods within member states beyond your country of origin and providing representation if it is alleged you have infringed cabotage rules
  • Court appearances – Any alleged offence related to road traffic law that falls outside the remit of the Traffic Commissioner and Public Inquiry
  • Driver conduct hearings – Challenging allegations that could see you fined, losing your licence or imprisoned.

We provide legal representation for both operators and drivers who, when it is alleged they have committed a transport offence, face either Magistrate's or Crown Court.

Offences relating to road transport law that we can advise upon and defend include:

  • Operator's Licence offences
  • Overloading
  • Customs and Excise issues
  • Careless and dangerous driving offences
  • Conspiracy cases

Why Choose Simpson Millar As Your Haulage and Road Transport Law Solicitor?

Your business or livelihood could be at stake, so you need to be confident you are placing its future in the hands of a Road Transport Solicitor that can get results.

At Simpson Millar, we have both the experience and knowledge required to successfully handle cases of this nature. We will work tirelessly to protect both your business and reputation within the industry, tailoring our services to your specific needs to achieve the outcome that benefits you.

This bespoke approach allows us to offer expert road transport law advice and representation that ensures you and your business remain on the road.

What Do I Do Next?

If you are an operator, driver or transport manager in need of legal advice, speak to one of Simpson Millar's Haulage and Road Transport Law solicitors today.

Complete our no obligation enquiry form and we will call you back or Freephone 0808 129 3320. For out of hours advice including weekends Freephone 0808 129 3310.

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