Driving Licence Return after Disqualification

Depending on the offence, some penalties can be lengthy, it may be possible to make an early return to driving or have a disqualification removed. A majority of these cases involve drugs, alcohol driving offences, or a failure to provide a specimen.

Early Return of Driving Licence

The court may, in some circumstances remove a disqualification early. If you've been disqualified by a court in England and Wales for a period longer than 2 years this option is open to you. This however, does not apply if you were disqualified until you have passed a driving test. Under these circumstances you must retake and pass your test first.

Getting your licence back

Under the following circumstances, you may apply to have your disqualification removed early. If it was:

  • For less than 4 years, at least 2 years must have gone by
  • More than 4 years, but less than 10, half of the disqualification period must have gone by
  • Greater than 10 years, 5 years must have gone by

If you would like to get your licence back early after a removal of a disqualification, an application has to be made to the court that gave you the disqualification. Unsurprisingly, an application like this will receive strong opposition from the police and the prosecution.

The court will need to hear arguments that support the reasons why they should remove your disqualification early. To be successful the arguments will need to be persuasive and compelling. If not, it will vastly reduce your chances of removal.

Your character and conduct following the ban, the nature of the offence that you committed and any other relevant circumstances will all be taken into account by the court.

What we can do for you

Mounting an effective argument is the main role of your solicitor and shouldn't be taken lightly. Some people go into this process alone and are shocked to find that the arguments they put forward are not satisfactory to the court.

It's important to get this part of the process right as if the court refuses your application, you cannot reapply until 3 months after their decision. This is not a circumstance you want to get yourself into, especially if your driving licence is essential to your everyday life or work.

Contacting a solicitor as soon as possible to see if you can have your disqualification removed early is within your best interests. Having an understanding of the arguments put forward and the possible outcome is something your solicitor can help you achieve. Our free initial consultation means that you have nothing to lose.


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