Wrongful Birth Compensation Claims

Did the Doctor Act Negligently?

The courts describe wrongful births as a compensation claim which arises out of the birth of a child who would not have been born without negligent treatment.

Wrongful Birth Injury - Medical negligence claims advice

Examples of wrongful birth include:

  • Failed sterilisation
    • eg when conception occurs very soon after the sterilisation operation and usually indicates that the operation was carried out negligently
  • Failed vasectomy
    • eg failure to notify you about the need to use alternative forms of contraception post-vasectomy and failure of operative vasectomy technique
  • Failure to warn parents of specific disabilities eg birth defects
    • eg negligent advice from the medical professionals as to specific disabilities that your unborn child may have, which result in you making an ill-informed decision concerning your child's well-being

Compensation for wrongful birth

  • In order to claim compensation you must be able to prove that the treatment your received was negligent.
  • If the treatment was negligent you may be entitled to compensation

Jurisdiction (Location)

Please note: If your complaint relates to a hospital in Scotland or Ireland this will fall outside of our jurisdiction and we advise you to contact a local solicitor, however if you now live in Scotland or Ireland and your complaint is regarding a hospital in England or Wales we will be more than happy to assist you.

Wrongful birth compensation enquiry

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