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Nursing Care - Neglect

Although every claim will differ, the common element of any nursing care complaint is that a patient has suffered, either physically or mentally, whilst under the care of a nurse.

Complaining about a nurse can be daunting as they – just like a doctor – are in a position of professional authority. It is important to remember that as a medical professional, they are also required to provide a certain standard of care and treatment and behave in a manner appropriate to their position. Not only are they professionals you should be able to rely on, you should be able to trust them, too. Sometimes the most intimidating aspect of dealing with nursing care neglect is knowing when you are a victim of it.

Nursing error claims

Behaviours which may result in a nursing care complaint could include:

  • failure to provide the correct medication or appropriate assistance during a medical procedure,
  • failure to take the appropriate action in response to a patient's changing condition,
  • failure to anticipate, prevent or treat pressure sores,
  • a failure to adequately treat wounds or injuries, medication or documentation errors,
  • failure to record vital information, actively causing additional injury through incorrect application of medical procedure,
  • failure to administer appropriate medical care,
  • the inappropriate use of any medical instrument, a failure to properly monitor and assess a patient's condition,
  • failure to assess specific health indicators such as blood pressure, vital signs or blood sugar levels in a timely fashion,
  • any failure to follow the treatment plan considered necessary by a doctor.

If either you or a member of your family have been under the care of a nurse, but feel that their standard of care has in some way contributed to physical or mental distress, you or your family member may well be entitled to nursing care compensation. Intentional or unintentional, when the level of care falls below that to be expected from a nursing professional, we can investigate the circumstances, explain your options and help you to decide how best to proceed.

If you have been victim of medical negligence you could be entitled to compensation. Call our medical negligence solicitors today on Freephone: 0808 129 3320 or use our free, no obligation, online enquiry form to register for a call back.

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