Becoming British - Naturalisation

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Applying for British Citizenship

Once settled in the UK, you can seek to naturalise as British Citizens so that you can then apply for a British passport.

British Citizenship can be an extremely complicated area of immigration law, so it makes sense to seek specialist advice before you start the process.

Immigration Law - Applying for British Citizenship - Legal Advice

Am I eligible for British Citizenship?

To apply for British Citizenship you must meet certain eligibility requirements in relation to:

  • age
  • being of sound mind
  • intention to live in the UK
  • language ability
  • knowledge of life and language in the UK
  • good character
  • previous residence in the UK

The requirements vary slightly for individuals who are applying in their own right and those who are married to a British Citizen.

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Can my children apply for British Citizenship?

If your children are overseas nationals, they may also apply to register as British Citizens in some circumstances if they were born in the UK. However, not all children born in the UK are automatically British. A child living in the UK may make a discretionary application to register as British.

How can Simpson Millar LLP help me?

If you have been refused naturalisation, you have no right of appeal - therefore it may be beneficial to seek legal advice early.

We can assess whether you would be eligible, talk you through the process and prepare documents.

Our Immigration Solicitors at Simpson Millar LLP are experienced in all types of immigration applications, including applying for British Citizenship. We may even be able to help increase your chances of success, so give us a call today.

We can speak your language and offer all our Immigration Services in Polish, Urdu, Punjabi and French.

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